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The object of CRATES is to push the crates around the rooms to the designated areas shown as dots, in the least amount of steps possible.
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The object of CRATES is to push the crates around the rooms to the designated areas shown as dots, in the least amount of steps possible.
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Contents of the README.1ST file



'README.1ST' for software Release 'CRATES'.

The CRATES Shareware Version may be distributed freely, provided no fee is
charged (disk cost and/or shipping is allowed), provided it is sent in its
unmodified form, along with all original files (see below).

The Registered version of CRATES is NOT to be distributed freely. It is
commercial software. Copying of the Registered version of CRATES requires
prior written permission of Summit Software.

Bug Reports:
No bugs are currently known to exist.
If you have found any bug(s) in either the CRATES Shareware version, or
the Registered version, I would appreciated it if you advise me, so it can be
resolved for future versions.

CRATES requires an IBM PC/XT/AT+ or clone with: 154Kb of free RAM to
operate in EGA graphics mode, and 140Kb of free RAM to operate in CGA graphics
mode. CRATES has been tested with MS-DOS v5.0, v3.30, and a v3.2 clone,
on 80186's through 80386's equipped with CGA through Super-VGA.

Files on this diskette:
Shareware CRATES disk:
CRATESD.EXE - The CRATES Shareware program.
SPRITES.CTS - The CRATES Animation and Graphics data file.
README.1ST - This information file.
Registered CRATES disk:
#7CRATES.ARJ- ARJ archive of the newest Shareware version of CRATES.
#7CRATES.ZIP- ZIP archive of the newest Shareware version of CRATES.
CRATES.EXE - The CRATES registered program.
GO.BAT - Batch file to display HELP.DOC.
HELP.DOC - Brief help about loading CRATES.
README.1ST - This information file.
ROOMS.CTS - External Rooms file. (Not required)
SAVEGAME.SAV- External Saved game. (Not required)
SPRITES.CTS - The CRATES Animation and Graphics data file.

Loading instructions:
For the Shareware version:
Type CRATESD at the Dos prompt, eg: A>, B>, C>, etc.
For the Registered version:
Type CRATES at the Dos prompt, eg: A>, B>, C>, etc.
NOTE: Make sure that you are in the correct directory and drive. For more
information, refer to your Dos manual.

Object of the game:
The object of CRATES is to push the crates around the rooms to the
designated areas shown as dots, in the least amount of steps possible. I have
included a 'PAR' number for each room. The 'PAR' for each room is my best
record for that room. I played each room a few times.
NOTE: Not all the PARs can be beat!
In the Shareware version, the game ends after the fifth room, and in the
Registered version it ends at the tenth room of the fifth floor.

Rules of the game:
The rules are fairly straight forward. You can't push two blocks at once,
you can't walk through walls, you can't push blocks through the walls, you
can't walk off the screen, and most of all, you can't pull a crate away from a
wall or out of a corner.
NOTE: There are only enough crates in each room to cover the designated areas!

During game play:
F1 - Brings up three screens of help information.
F3 - Brings up the options screen. (Speed/Sound/Music).
(Note: Music function is not currently available.)
F4 - Pulls up a stats screen for the current game.
F5 - Save game at current position.
F7 - Restore previously saved game.
F9 - Restart current room.
F10- Make a quick-exit to Dos.
ESC- Exit to main menu.
To view a demo, change the playing speed from the options menu.

During full screen room editor: (Not in the Shareware version)
F1 - Go back one room.
F2 - Advance one room.
F3 - Go back one floor.
F4 - Advance one floor.
F5 - Sample play room you're currently editing.
NOTES: When you hit ESC while sample playing a room, you are returned to the
room editor.
The newly edited rooms are NOT automatically saved, you must use option
'5' at the editor menu to save them.

Room restoration:
When you modify the rooms in the Registered version of CRATES you are
overriding the default rooms. There are three ways to still use the default
1. Execute 'CRATES /L:CRATES.EXE', or
2. Delete your new rooms: 'DEL ROOMS.CTS', or
3. Rename your new rooms: 'REN ROOMS.CTS MYROOMS.CTS', and load them only
when you want to: 'CRATES /L:MYROOMS.CTS'.
NOTE: You may substitute your own file name in place of 'MYROOMS.CTS' in
all of the above examples.

Command Line Options:
CRATES has the following command line options:
CGA - Force CRATES to load in CGA graphics mode.
EGA - Force CRATES to load in EGA graphics mode.
/R [floor] [room] - Begin playing at alternate room.
/L:filename.ext - Load alternate room data file.
'CRATES CGA' will load CRATES in CGA graphics mode.
'CRATES /R 5 10' will begin playing at Room 10 on the 5th Floor.
'CRATES EGA /L:MYROOMS.CTS /R 2 1' will load CRATES in EGA graphics
mode, on the first room of the second floor in the alternate
level file 'MYROOMS.CTS'.

V.100 - EGA Support was added.

V.120 - Command line options created for changing the level file loaded,
and the room at which to start playing.

V.125 - Improved Command-Line parsing.

V.130 - Stats function 'F4' was added.
- A check was added to make sure that the level file(s) and saved
games were valid.
- Information was added to the game completion message.
- Ability to chose graphics mode from the command line was added.

V.140 - Added support for multiple saved games.

V.150 - All the graphics files (all two of them!) were merged into one.
- The default levels were incorporated directly into the EXE file.
- Added graphics card auto-detection. (You can still override it by
use of the command-line parameters: 'CGA' and 'EGA'.)
- Deleted the old Shareware version, and adapted a new one straight
from the Registered version. The new Shareware version now
includes all the features of the Registered version except for the
room editor.
(The new Shareware version still has the same levels as before).

Techinical Info:
CRATES was created on an ancient 286-10 Mhz machine with 1 Mb of RAM, a
42 Mb MFM hard drive, a SVGA monitor and 1 Mb card, a mono monitor with card
(a dual display system). CRATES was written primarily in 'C' language with
some assembler, using TC++ Prof v1.01. and Norton Editor v2.0. CRATES
consists of just under 2000 lines of 'C' code, and a few hundred lines of
assembler. The graphics and first few rooms were designed using my own custom
graphics and level editor (now with icons and mouse support -- real shnazzy!),
and the later rooms were designed using the built-in editor of the Registered
version of CRATES.

Other information:
If you have any problems, questions, bug reports (ugh!), or orders (Yay!),
you can contact me at: (416)727-6964 after 4:30 P.M (Eastern time), OR send a
letter to:
Mark Batchelor, Summit Software
Box M44, RR#1
Gormley, Ontario
Canada, L0H 1G0

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