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An excellent X-WING editor, many options.
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An excellent X-WING editor, many options.
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X-Wing Utilities

More than a few of the gamers that I've met say that LucasArts' new
space combat simulator X-Wing Fighter is a bit on the difficult side, with
some of it's missions completeable by only the most dedicated joystick
jockeys. This may be because the Tour of Duty mission structure in the game
is not dynamic - that is, you MUST fully complete a mission before you go on
to the next. This may be somewhat frusturating, especially since the game
will not allow you to make yourself 'indestructable' and still complete the
mission objectives. To make life easier for those who believe that this
is a really good game with great potential, I have compiled a few hints
and utilities.
This small package includes a Tour of Duty Pilot for Lucas Art's X-Wing
Fighter who has completed all the Tour of Duty missions. With this pilot,
all the TOD missions are now historical missions, and may be flown in any
order. In addition, a simple batch file is included to clone this pilot
so that his copies may be used as wingmen. Finally, a hints text file is
available containing general hints on how to fly the three Rebel fighters
the most effectively, and the stats and tactics of the various enemies
encountered in the game.

To Install:

1) Copy the XWNGUTIL.EXE file into your XWING directory

2) Change your current directory to your XWING directory

3) Type XWNGUTIL -d

This will create a subdirectory in your X-Wing directory called PILOTS,
which will contain the following files:

FARLNDER.PLT - This pilot has been through all the TOD missions and his
skill level is TOP ACE. With this pilot, you can go to
the historical missions section of the game and fly any of
the TOD missions. In addition, you can also enter the TOD
section of the game and view any of the cinematic cutscenes
in the Tours of Duty.
CLONE.PLT - This pilot is a lesser copy of FARLNDER.PLT, being only
a Commander in rank, not a General. His skill level is
still TOP ACE, and he is used to clone other pilots that
may be used as wingmen in the game.
WINGMEN.BAT - This is a simple batch file that creates nine copies of
CLONE.PLT, calling them WINGMAN1, WINGMAN2, etc... The
copies are placed in your XWING directory, so that they
may be called up on the flight roster, assigned to
flights, and be used as wingmen. Also, the FARLNDER.PLT
will be copied to your XWING directory when this batch
file is run, so that you may use him to fly historical
HINTS.TXT - This is a text file containing useful hints for flying
with and against the various spacecraft in the game.

The HINTS.TXT file does not include specific information on how to fly
each individual TOD Mission, but if you get stuck with a mission, you can
call the LucasArts HINTS line at 1-900-740-JEDI. Alternatively, you can call
me or write me at the address below.

Tim Ash
2145 Diamond Road
RR3 S10B C29
Kelowna, BC, Canada
V1Y 7R2
Ph#: 1-604-764-3226

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