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Xerix ][: The Cavern's of Mars - Twilight Software - VGA, 386+ required (486 recommended), most digital sound cards supported - Battle a bizarre alien force in the depths of the caverns of Mars.

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=== XERIX II: The Caverns of Mars ===
Awesome shoot 'em up arcade action
from Brendan Reville and TWILIGHT
SOFTWARE... Battle a bizarre alien
force in the depths of the caverns of
Mars... With 256 color parallax
scrolling, 1 or 2 simultaneous
players, an engrossing storyline and
an amazing digital soundtrack...
VGA, 386+ required (486 recommended).
Most digital sound cards supported:
(including SB,SBPro,SB16,PAS,GUS...)
======= inexpensive ShareWare =======

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Xerix ][: The Cavern’s of Mars – Twilight Software – VGA, 386+ required (486 recommended), most digital sound cards supported – Battle a bizarre alien force in the depths of the caverns of Mars.
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Contents of the LICENSE.DOC file

Xerix II: The Caverns of Mars

by Brendan Reville/Twilight Software

Contents: License Agreement,
Copyright Notice,

All enquiries regarding this document must be made to:
Twilight Software
PO Box 304
Milsons Point NSW 2061

Do NOT contact PsL in the USA for such enquiries. PsL take orders only.

License Agreement:

This document contains legal licensing information for personal users,
shareware disk vendors and others involved in the distribution of Xerix II,
hereby known as "the game". Brendan Reville is hereby known as "the author".

Personal users:

Personal users, such as home users, are allowed to freely distribute and
copy the Shareware edition of the game. The Shareware edition of the game
contains only the first six levels. The only condition of this distribution
is that no payment is made or charged, and that only the complete (all game
files) and unmodified version of the game is distributed.
The game may not be modified.
The Registered edition of the game, with all twelve levels, may not be
copied or distributed. No warranty is given as to the fitness of the
Registered edition for any purposes. The distribution disk is warranted to
be free of defects and will be replaced if found faulty and returned within
30 days of purchase/registration. No refunds are given.
The author reserves the right to refuse the permission to distribute this
game to any individual.

ShareWare disk vendors:

The game may be freely distributed by traditional "ShareWare vendors" who
sell shareware as part of a catalogue of titles, through mail order or
telephone-order sales. No charge may be made except to cover the expense of
copying the game and posting it out. This charge may not exceed $US8.
The game may not be sold as part of a "bundle" of programs without prior
permission from the author. Hence the game must be distributed on a disk
with no other software, save the vendor's own installation program. Only
the complete game, with all files intact (as described in XERIX2.DOC), is to
be distributed.
Express permission for such distribution is not required, but all vendors
who list the game in their catalogue must send the first copy containing the
game to Twilight Software in Australia.
Vendors are suggested to take the game's description from FILE_ID.DIZ or
from XERIX2.DOC. Vendors may request a disk of screen-shots if they will
be used in their catalogue or advertisements.
All descriptions of the product MUST include the word "Twilight" or
"Twilight Software". If an author is to also be listed, then Brendan
Reville's name must be shown. It is appreciated if Brendan Reville's name
is displayed anyway.
The author reserves the right to refuse the permission, to distribute
this game, to any person, group or company.

CD-ROM distributors:

The game may be included on CD-ROM collections of Shareware products where
the "try-before-you-buy" concept of Shareware is explained to the purchaser.
The author must be notifed of the fact that the game is to be included on
the CD-ROM.

Retail rack vendors:

If you want to distribute the game in a retail environment you must first
obtain written permission from the author.

Magazine cover-disks:

The ShareWare edition of the game may be included on the "cover-disk" of
a magazine if the "try-before-you-buy" (that is, ShareWare) nature of the
game is adequately explained to the reader.
A copy of the magazine must be sent to Twilight Software in Australia if
it contains the game on a "cover-disk".


If you do not come specifically into one of the above categories, or are
at all unsure as to whether you do or not, you must receive written
permission from the author before distributing the game in any manner.
This includes those who require a Site License for the Registered edition
of the game.

Copyright notice:

Xerix II: The Caverns of Mars
the program, its source code, its art, music, sound and all other data
are Copyright (c) Brendan Reville 1994.


The author, Brendan Reville, and any other persons mentioned in the program
Xerix II: The Caverns of Mars and/or its documentation assume no responsibility
for any effects of the use of this program, including, but not limited to,
losses of time and/or productivity, damage to any persons or computer hardware
or software, even if the above was aware of the possibility of such effects.
No warranty is given, either implied or stated, as to the fitness of the
program for any use. The author remains the owner of the software at all times.
By using, copying and/or distributing Xerix II: The Caverns of Mars (also
known as Xerix II) the perpetrator of these actions agrees to abide by the
conditions set out in the License Agreement, and agrees to this Disclaimer.

(c) Copyright Brendan Reville 1994.

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