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* IBM PC and compatible with VGA card (640*480) BOULDER DASH version. *
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Original version for X11 windowing system :

Jeroen Houttuin
ETH Zentrum RZ-H7
CH-8092 Zurich
tel +41-1-2565837
fax +41-1-2615389
e-mail: [email protected]

PC Version :

Herve Soulard
e-mail: [email protected]


- XBD.EXE, the game,
- XBDE.EXE, level editor for XBD.EXE,
- BITMAP.EXE, bitmap editor for XBD.EXE.


To use these programs you must copied them to your play

You also need to copied some files to the play directory or
another one. This later one can be set in the file XBD.H
with the LIB define, or with the XBDLIB environment variable.

Those files are :
- xbdlv*, levels for the game,
- default, default level,
- bitmaps.dat, all bitmaps used by the game,
- scores, all scores.

You find those files in the BITMAPS directory.

If you want your real name in the score file, you must set
the USER environment variable.


The Makefile is writen for GMAKE (GNU make) and use the
Microsoft C compiler and Assembler.


Usage : XBD [-l level]

The goal is to collect the more of diamonds, the exit to next
level will blink when you will get enough diamond. New level
gives you one life more. For each level you have a limited
time, and a limited number of lives.

Keys used within the game :

- ARROWS, move the guy,
- 'R' or 'r', redraw the screen,
- 'D' or 'd', kill the guy,
- SPACE, pauses the game,
- ESC, ends the game.


Usage : XBDE [-h heigth] [-w width] -l level

With XBDE you can edit the level files for XBD. Those files
must be in the current directory, or in the directory
precised by XBDLIB.

Keys used int the editor :

- ARROWS, move the cursor,
- PG_UP and PG_DOWN, chose the bitmap,
- SPACE, set the current position with the current
- 'C' or 'c', clear the level,
- 'U' or 'u', save the level,
- ESC, ends editing.

All available bitmaps are on the right side of the screen.
The small cursor on their left shows the current selected
bitmap (change with PG_UP and PG_DOWN), the other one on the
right side shows the bitmap under the level cursor.


Usage : BITMAP

This program allows you to edit all bitmaps available in the
BITMAPS.DAT file. This file must be in the current directory,
and after editing you must copy it in the play directory or
the one precised by XBDLIB.

All bitmaps are drawn on the top of the screen, the current
bitmap is zoomed in the middle, its name is printed and all
colors are drawn on the rigth of the screen.

Keys used in the editor :

- ARROWS, move the cursor on the zoomed bitmap,
- PG_UP and PG_DOWN, chose the current bitmap,
- SPACE, set the current pixel with the current
- '+' and '-', chose the current color,
- 'S' or 's', save the bitmaps,
- ESC, ends editing.

A small cursor indicates wich bitmap is currently being

On the left of all colors a square indicates the current
color, and on the right another square gives the color of the
current pixel.

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Archive   : XBD.ZIP
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