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WOLFMASTER v1.1 - Menu program adds 378 new levels to registered WOLF3D. No more renaming files. Great instructions, easy to use. .

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WOLFMASTER v1.1 - Menu program adds 378 new
levels to registered WOLF3D. No more
renaming files. Great instructions, easy
to use.

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WOLFMASTER v1.1 – Menu program adds 378 new levels to registered WOLF3D. No more renaming files. Great instructions, easy to use. .
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
ALLGAMES.MAP 588743 586195 deflated
BAT.BAT 41 41 stored
BATMENU.EXE 17519 16858 deflated
BUFILES.BAT 345 205 deflated
CHOICES.MU 292 69 deflated
DOCS.MU 955 199 deflated
DOCS2.MU 830 181 deflated
FILE_ID.DIZ 135 121 deflated
GO.BAT 47 47 stored
INSTALL.DOC 922 388 deflated
MAIN.MU 485 226 deflated
MAPS-1.MU 1235 222 deflated
MAPS-2.MU 1236 226 deflated
MAPS-3.MU 1042 194 deflated
READ-ME.MU 664 252 deflated
READ.ME 5600 2520 deflated
WHYFAILS.DOC 906 517 deflated
WOLFM.BAT 5 5 stored

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Contents of the READ.ME file

WOLFMASTER v1.1 - Menu program adds 378 new
levels to registered WOLF3D. No more
renaming files. Great instructions, easy
to use.
WOLFMASTER Version 1.1
Carlton "Hellfire" Griffin

NEW GAMES TO PLAY!! This will save the levels that came with WOLF so
you can restore them later with the 3 command. It also backs up your
savegames so you can have new savegames with the new levels and still
restore you old savegames when you restore your old games.


ESCape will always take you to the previous menu, and will exit the
program from the MAIN MENU.

Selection 9 will generally take you directly to the MAIN MENU.

PKUNZIP.EXE must be located in the same directory or in your PATH.

Make sure you have unzipped WOLFMV11.ZIP into your WOLF directory.

ALLGAMES.MAP uses a zip password so you don't unzip it accidentally.
The password is WOLFMASTER.

This program contains 378 new levels for Wolf3D and will allow you to
easily choose which games you want to play, without having to rename files.
To run the program, just type in WOLFM. This readme file is also readable
from the program as selection #1.

The different games themselves remain compressed in the file ALLGAMES.MAP.
All the games take up almost 2.5 megs of disk space, but the compressed file
is under 600k. When a new set of maps are selected to play, they are
unzipped from the zip file and all old maps (except your original maps)
are deleted to conserve space. The different README files are also handled
in this same way. NOTE: Because of this function, PKUNZIP must be located
in your path or in the same directory

I have collected these games from a number of places, and created a few
myself. All the README files that came with these games are still
included in this package and can be read from the menu program. Thanks
to all the people who created these game and to Apogee for the game

Try them all, I'll admit some aren't so great, others are the BEST!

If you find any games that aren't already included in this package,
please contact me and let me know where I can get a copy of them so they
can be added as well. Let's get future versions of this program packed
with new games. Many of the games in this package were for the older
versions of Wolf and I had to convert them to the recent version. If
you find old versions that don't work, still let me know. Conversion is
so much easier than creation. :>

Also thanks to the people who brought us BATMENU. To use this program
for your own applications, copy batmenu.exe, bat.bat, and to
another directory and read batmenu.doc located in ALLGAMES.MAP. I
encourage you to register this fine program. You can read batmenu.doc
from within WOLFMASTER in the READ ME menu.

WOLFMASTER is freeware. It is intended to be used only by registered
owners of Wolfenstein 3-D.

This software may not be sold for profit, nor does it carry any endorsement
of Id Software, FormGen, or Apogee Software.
I assume no responsibility for WOLFMASTER nor its distribution.

Carlton Griffin

Mail me directly on these systems
Compuserve: 71053,1043
Internet: [email protected]

Or leave your message to me in the GAMES or 4SALE conference of these nets:

Special thanks to Bryan Baker, Warren Buss, Brian Grove, Joe Martin,
Steve Olensky & Hal Rottenberg for their contributions.

If you notice any problems with the program WOLFMASTER or with the games
themselves, please contact me. All suggestions are also welcome.

Look for WOLFMASTER and updates on the Internet, Fido, a bbs near you,
or get instant download access from

Immediate access using BOBCAT callback verifier
over 42,000 current files available on-line
230+ message areas On-line door games
(404) 978-9636 up to 14,400 with v.32bis
echoes (node 1 for All callers including NEW)
AFS & U'NI (404) 978-6736 14,400 v.32bis
running (404) 978-1139 subscribers only
WILDCAT! v 3.90M up to 14,400 with v.32bis
located in SUBSCRIPTIONS available
Snellville, GA by either on-line charge Door
or download & returning form.
3 nodes running (2) 386-40Mhz providing additional time,
under DesqView 1.5 Gig disk files, no ratios, access
and NetWare Lite plus 7 CD-ROMs to the CD-ROM's plus
Distribution site # 1316 for access to Adult files
Apogee Games, Epic MegaGames if over 18 years old
& Software Creations (over 13000 adult files)
Also distribution site for SWAG files
Home of various sports fantasy leagues
including Wrestling, Baseball &
Basketball. Home of WOLFMASTER Member Atlanta WildCat! COOP & OAS

For instant access to all WOLFMASTER files, logon with user name
WOLFMASTER and password WOLFMASTER. Please include your real name in
any messages you leave on Android II.
(404) 978-9636 up to 14,400 with v.32bis
(404) 978-6736 up to 14,400 with v.32bis

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