Dec 232017
New add-on to Wolf 3-D game.

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This is a sick,twisted,evil add-on for the
shareware version of Wolfenstein 3D. It is
1,000,000 times more violent than the
original. When you shoot the brown guards,
their head explodes and blood flies
**NOTE** You MUST have the Shareware version
of Wolfenstein 3D v1.4.

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New add-on to Wolf 3-D game.
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FILE_ID.DIZ 294 206 deflated
GAMEMAPS.WL1 59286 14383 deflated
HEAD.GIF 5452 1002 deflated
MAPHEAD.WL1 42 42 stored
RUNME.BAT 1262 443 deflated
VSWAP.WL1 742912 288219 deflated
W3DBLOOD.DOC 5451 2360 deflated

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Contents of the W3DBLOOD.DOC file

Hi there!

This is a sick, twisted, evil version of Wolfenstien 3D. Wait 'til you
see it! It is 1,000,000 times more violent than the original! When you
shoot the guards (the guys in the brown uniforms), their head explodes
and blood flies everywhere! When you shoot the officers (the guys in
the blue uniforms), their head flies off! That's right, a head! It
flips around and then lands on the floor in between his legs, although
it may be kinda hard to see cuz of all the blood! And when you shoot
the do brown animals that walk on the floor and bite you), they explode
with blood! SICK!!!!!!!! The huge guards at the end of the game are
really gross and when you finally kill him blood flies everywhere!
Almost made me puke! Now for some hints: eat a floating bloody head
for extra energy, try using the knife, it's really fun, take a minute
to look at the cages with a skeleton in them (note: their are two of
them so you may not see the right one right away, keep looking though!),
and finally, read the other document included in this package, you'll
thank me! Now read this paragraph, it is an agreement that you must
abide by if you wish to play this version of the game. I will not be
held responsible for any heart attacks this game may cause, I gave you
a warning and so it is perfectly fair. If anybody gets sick I don't
want any calls to yell at me for my demented game. I will accept any
compliments on it, but it is not required. I would like to accept any
payments for this game but it isn't legal because I wasn't the original
programmer. DANG! This really isn't meant for little kids but I'm only
14 and I've been seeing this kind of stuff since I was a little kid and
I have turned out okay! God I feel like killing someone right now!
Back to my rules. Any brain damage caused is not my fault. It wasn't
last time I was in court being sued for a sick twisted game and I didn't
even put a warning on that one! I suggest that you don't play this game
after you have just eaten. Now, let's journey into my sick mind and
play Wolfenien 3D! Oh, if you like this version of the game, you might
like my comics that I make on a monthly basis, it is called GNOMES. It
is sick and demented, too! At least that's what my 7th grade teacher
said. Well, if you have any compliments, or are interested in getting a
subscription to my comics, I am on several BBS's in the Cincinnati area,
just leave me a message or you can call me at 831-6148. If you are
calling long distance, my area code is 513. Please don't call collect
or I will find out where you live and...........
Jacob Hendrix
P.S. This version will only work on version 1.1 of Wolfenstien 3D. Get
a file called W3DPATCH to change to that version. To install this game
just copy these new files into your Wolfenstien directory and if it says
"File already exists! Overwrite?", choose yes.

P.P.S. I have also included some other very gross things like a bloody
head on the table, and a hand that you can eat for extra energy. Some
of the things like medical kits are nowhere to be found in the game but
the things like bloody heads has replaced them. Don't worry they will
restore your health just like normal. I suggest that you make backup
copies of your files in case this version is too sick and unappetizing
(you know the bloody head/eating thing!) for you. Please leave me a
message if you are on one of the BBS's that I am on and tell me what you
think of this game. I am also working on other edited copies of the
game, like one that is really funny. If you have any suggestions for
that one leave me a message and if I use it you'll be one of the first
to get a copy (I have ways of doing this without even sending you a
disk.). Also, if you can find any editors for Spear of Destiny, the
sequel to Wolfenstien, tell me where I can get one so I can bring the
good feeling of death and dementedness into the hearts of SOD owners
everywhere! And remember, I know that you'll wanna give me a million
bucks for this game after you've played it but please don't even try to
cuz it's illegal, and cuz if you do I'll put you into my next version of
the game (literally) and wait'll you see how you die cuz I've been in
jail long enough and I don't wanna go back, besides, I could sneak and
accept it, but then again, I'd probably get caught because my #!@;-*^;~
parole officer is guarding me day and night and if I break parole one
more time he'll beat me again and then this time he'll tell on me and
then it's back to jail again and if they haven't replaced me already,
I'll probably end up in the cell I had before with that big mean guy
and probably get beaten half to death again (I hope he doesn't read
this, he made me promise not to tell, but then again, so did my parole
officer). Oh, I've been rambling on for such a long time! I'll let you
play the game now. Remember to look for other hideous things in the
game that I haven't mentioned (kinda like Where's Waldo, only without a
list to refer to!). Bye bye now!

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