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Wolfenstein 3D Debug Codes Cheat Sheet.
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Wolfenstein 3D Debug Codes Cheat Sheet.
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----===Wolfenstein 3D Debug Codes Cheat Sheet===----

Compiled by T Lehner

Brought to you by: The Point BBS
Sysop: Tom Lehner
Co-Sysop: Lisa Seaman
Linked to Circuit Net International
Node - 715000
(715) 345-1327 1200-38400


Start version 1.0 with WOLF3D -NEXT
When you get to the first screen where you are in the room looking at the
door out, press the TAB/CONTROL/ENTER keys. You should get a message
telling you that the debug keys are active. Use the TAB keys from there.

Start version 1.1 with WOLF3D -GOOBERS
When you get to the first screen where you are in the room looking at the
door out, press the LEFT SHIFT/LEFT ALT/BACKSPACE keys. Everything else will
work the same from that point on.

Ok, here's the fun stuff!!!

TAB B Change Border Color
TAB C Display number of statics, doors, and actors in the level
TAB E Skip ahead 2 levels
TAB F Display current position in level
TAB H Hurts you by 16%
TAB I Adds ammo, weapons and health. Use it a couple of times for max
TAB M Displays Memory Usage
TAB N Lets you walk through walls. ("Turns clipping on or off")
TAB P Pauses game
TAB Q Can lock up computer in some cases, quits in others.
Use at your own risk!
TAB S Slow (and I do mean SLOW) motion on and off
TAB T Gives you a window to display graphics and sound from the game
Just because you hit a blank spot, don't stop. Keep paging through.
You will be amazed at what those guys at Apogee have stashed
in there. There are a lot of blank areas but keep on looking!
TAB V Gives you extra VBLs but no one but Apogee seems to know what
they are. Does seem to slow you down a bit.
TAB W Warps you to any level you want to get to.
TAB X Says "EXTRA STUFF" but again, only the Apogee boys and girls seem
to know what this is about.

That's it! Have fun and don't forget that this episode is Shareware,
be sure to buy the next 6 episodes (including level one but they are all
registered)! If you have any questions. E-mail Tom Lehner on The Point BBS!

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