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"!6304|Village of Brakar's north-eastern limit|"
"!5039|East: Tavern of the Peasant. West: General Store|"
"!0568|Village of Brakar's south-western limit|"
"!3604|Village of Brator. Welcome to all visitors|"
"!3469|Condamned bulding. DO NOT ENTER (Bratock regulation code: BRC00212)|"
"!5016|Military Docks. Restricted to military uses|"
"!5630|Experimentation Area. KEEP OUT. Restricted to military high officers|"
"!3439|Armoury of Bralk|"
"!4040|High Officers' Barracks|"
"!4052|Officers' Barracks|"
"!3856|Alchemy and Physic Labs|"
"!4061|Weaponry of Bralk|"
"!3868|Tavern of the War Balloon|"
"!4075|Military Base of Bralk. Visitors are welcomed!|"
"!2218|Karto. Died in the explosion of 672|"
"!2021|Gwerto. Fell of the first Balloon|"
"!1622|Tarkat the Wizard. Died by the first Arquebus bullet|"
"!2423|Farr Bratok. The one who discovered steel|"
"!2426The writings are in a foreign language..."
"!2720|Koopa the one-eyed giant who fought for Freedom.|"
"!2725|Lopar the alchemist. Died in an hideous explosion|"
"!2923|Frorq the alchemist. Died from poison|"
"!3120|Deemora the physician.|"
"!6414|Fremora the merchant|"
"!6714|Garamar The Ill giant|"
"!7314|Naio Bratak|"
"!6316|Jukar the infamous pirate|"
"!6616|Kuligar the Brother|"
"!6616|Digiral the dwarf|"
"!6817|Daargard the lonely one|"
"!7117|Simono Simonus Patentis the big barmaid|"
"!6518|Kerouac the bearded one|"
"!6918|John Nil the hairless one|"
"!1327|Bratockville's General Store|"
"!6629|Temple of Locast. brothers and paladins are welcome!|"
"!1537|The Visionnaire. Fortune teller|"
"!6151|Inn of the trader|"
"!1351|Tavern of the lost Krowns|"
"!3857|Weapon shop of the bold paladin|"
"!3637|Imperial Treasury|"
"!6046|South: Cemetary. West: Village|"
"!6845|Welcome to the village of Caroliss|"
"!3944|Tavern of the horned bay|"
"!1840|Weaponry/Armoury of Caroliss|"
"!6061|Rest In Peace Brandy|"
"!5363|Eibbed the Shakyr who fought the wizards|"
"!5764|Yelritch the Great Warrior|"
"!6264|Eivendar the Cleric of Locast|"
"!4964|Winslow the great|"
"!6066These writings are illigible"
"!6766|Liz the beloved wife and mother|"
"!5467|Keenan the thief who stole for justice.|"
"!5969|Unknown soul who died defending Caroliss|"
"!3908|Sewers of Lexter. Authorized personnel only|"
"!4172|Sewers of Lexter. Authorized personnel only|"
"!4348|Restricted area. DO NOT ENTER|"
"!5610|To the courageous, fire holds the key.|"
"!1412|Condamned bulding. DO NOT ENTER (Bratock regulation code: BRC00301)|"
"!4913|Inn of the Goat-People|"
"!2427|Cemetary of Korand. May all these valorious souls rest in peace|"
"!3627|North: Inn. South: Castle of Baron Wilton. East: Docks. West: Cemetary|"
"!6026|Docks of Korand. Fishing and pleasure riverboats available|"
"!5461|Timmy's general store. Fine items/low prices|"
"!2564|Corporal Hart's weapon shop|"
"!5267|The Saber-teeth tavern|"
"!6428|To all who fought the mages of Fort Axter|"
"!1024|Rest In Peace Karad|"
"!1324|Akadake the dwarf from the southern lands|"
"!1724|Garel Fitzen|"
"!0926|Essbek the Paladin|"
"!1326|Othgar the explorer|"
"!1926|Erick the liar|"
"!1627|Magells the tyrannic baron. Killed by the re ell on o...| "
"!1228|Bodin Dan, led the rebellion against Magells|"
"!1929|Goolet the lost one|"
"!0929| e I Pe e K r g| (almost illigible)"
"!1530|Mandoza the navigator from Costar Al Taraka|"
"!1031|Karath Zulula. Son of Geoffrey Zulula|"
"!2031|Baron Omrick|"
"!1332|Coyar del sol|"
"!0833|Gizmo the jester|"
"!1633|Jandhy the fighter|"
"!2527|Temple of Locast|"
"!3852|King Karl's Tower|"
"!4252|Court of Justice and Bratock Administration|"
"!2611|Here lies Jonathon the thief|"
"!2714|Here lies Karl's only son Haggar|"
"!2917|Unknow soul. May he rest in peace|"
"!3015|Lucy Baker. May she rest in peace|"
"!2912A large grave: |Gora the Hill Giant|"
"!3010|Kurgen. The only survivor of North Hope|"
"!3113|Harter Ghuj. The great explorer|"
"!3208|Tong Shang. The Kadjekunkai from Shakiri|"
"!3211|Alcor Axel, The first king of Bratock|"
"!3315|Corlock. The second king of Bratock|"
"!3410|Lopan. The one who fought the Trolls|"
"!3413|Karter Freetzen. The Undead Chaser|"
"!3648|Tavern of the Last Hope|"
"!4756|Inn of the Polar Worm|"
"!3365|General Store|"
"!4918|Rest In Peace|"
"!5518|Karohan the Remhoraz Hunter|"
"!5120The writings are illigible"
"!5420|Arafg the Yeti. The Friend of all Pinorthians|"
"!5023|Fargo Naar|"
"!4824|Oplarto Garalop|"
"!5524The writings are in a foreign language"
"!6005|Mayors' Crypt|"
"!6011|Unwanted Souls|"
"!3618|Mayor's Office|"
"!3628|Inn/Tavern of the Lantern. Weaponry/Armoury of the Arquebus|"
"!5231|Low Cost Armours|"
"!5033|Bargain Weapons|"
"!3638|Tavern of the Lords. General Store|"
"!3648|Inn of the white dagger.|"
"!4905No inscriptions...only a date 300 years old..."
"!4907|Golo Freetzen|"
"!4909|Rest In Peace|"
"!4911|Carolyn the sister of all Bratockians|"
"!5106|Mick the Mad. May his madness be finally over|"
"!5108|Robert Blake|"
"!5110|Casandra the Librarian|"
"!5305|General Atilas Bratock. The one who died for freedom|"
"!5307|Gell Draik. The sailing master and creator of sailing ships.|"
"!5309|Joir the Shakyr|"
"!5311|Wobser, the one-eyed hill giant|"
"!5506|Serusa the Sage|"
"!5508|Trisha. She led Bratockians to victory against the mages|"
"!5510The old writings are illigible"
"!5705|Katana the Sh...| the rest is illigible"
"!5707|Gomez the Pirate. Sunked by General Garal|"
"!5709|Pol the jester. He made 3 kings laugh!|"
"!5711Writings have been voluntarly overwritten by: |Mages Rule|"
"!6008It represents a Paladin slaying a Wizard: |To all who fought the mages|"
"!4657|You came... You saw... Now you will not talk.|"
"!4310A winged demon: |Winged Nightmare| the statue is covered with blood...|"
"!2207|After your death, you must go back to earth...|"
"!3261|After your death, you must go back to earth...|"
"!6232|Locmar, the Grim Reaper|"
"!4920|Locmar, the Grim Reaper|"
"!6121You see a statue representing a blackly-dressed skeleton wielding a scythe"
"!2619You are in a restricted area, turn around and walk away now!"
"!1856|Treasure room...| and |Things are not always what they seem!|"
"!2166|To the left, to the right, choose wisely!|"
"!7169|If you want to die, continue| the symbol of Westroll is drawn on the sign"

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Archive   : WOB10.ZIP
Filename : SIGNS.DAT

  1. Very nice! Thank you for this wonderful archive. I wonder why I found it only now. Long live the BBS file archives!

  2. This is so awesome! 😀 I’d be cool if you could download an entire archive of this at once, though.

  3. But one thing that puzzles me is the “mtswslnkmcjklsdlsbdmMICROSOFT” string. There is an article about it here. It is definitely worth a read: