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Utility to create maze maps for 1WOLF3D from Apogee.
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Utility to create maze maps for 1WOLF3D from Apogee.
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Contents of the WMAP.TXT file

WMAP -- v3.0

Here is a program to generate the maps for Wolfenstein. It uses the files
MAPHEAD.WL1 and MAPTEMP.WL1 that come with the game, and the produces files:

LEVELnn.MAP -- the map for level nn

To display a description of the input syntax enter:


The source code is also included for those who like to mess around with
things. All comments about the prog. will be greatfully received.


v1.0 - Original version.
v2.0 - Blue SS guards marked separate to normal guards.
Key updated.
Code generally improved.
Command line parameters included.
v2.1 - Minor mods.
Map interpretation errors corrected.
v3.0 - Map start address taken from MAPHEAD.WL1 .
Map names taken from MAPTEMP.WL1 .
/k switch can be used on its own.
/h switch included - prints map as hex dump.

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