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Wolfenstein 3D Icon for Windows 3.x.
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Wolfenstein 3D Icon for Windows 3.x.
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Contents of the README.TXT file


These icons are made available for your use by the Icon Master - David
Goldstein. They were created on August 9, 1992 in Saint Louis, Missouri
while eating a thin crust pizza from Imo's and a Little Debbie's snackcake.

If you know of any legal jobs which will be available after Spring 1994,
Dave's buddy Eddie would be interested in getting hired. But watch out,
he's an active member of the ACLU!!! Get in touch with him on Internet at

[email protected].

You don't have to register these icons, but if you want to help pay for
our education or our pizza and snackcakes, you may donate $1 to the
following address before May 1994:

The Icon Master
314 Clara Avenue #24
Saint Louis, Missouri 63112


Imo's Pizza in Saint Louis (314) 832-9677

ACLU of Eastern MissouriAmerican Civil Liberties Union
4557 Laclede132 west 43rd Street
Saint Louis, Missouri 63108New York, New York 10036
(314) 361-2111(212) 944-9800

Support the Bill of Rights, join the ACLU!!!

You may contact the author through Internet: [email protected]

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