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Wishingwell, the petroleum exploration game.
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Wishingwell, the petroleum exploration game.
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Contents of the WISH1.DOC file

Tony Rongey
(C) 1988

Requirements: IBM PC or compatible
CGA or EGA graphics (EGA recommended)

Welcome to Wishingwell, the petroleum exploration game. This game was
designed to be as close a possible to real petroleum prospecting. The 2D and 3D
prospect maps present realistic subsurface topography similar to common
geological maps. The economics and production also follow rules which insure
realistic game play. Those of you who are familiar with the oil business will
appreciate the inclusion of a simple production decline curve ( 6% decline per
year ) and the limits imposed on production by depth and formation
characteristics. Although the simulation is complex the instructions are
simple, and gameplay is fairly intuitive.

To start Wishingwell type WISH1 at the DOS prompt.
Graphics Prompt:
You will be welcomed by a screen displaying the version number, a short
message and the prompt:
EGA (E) or CGA (C)
Press the key corresponding to your display adapter ( or preferrence for EGA
users ). Capitalization is not necessary in Wishingwell. The program will then
take several seconds to set up the prospect and another several seconds to
display the 2D map.

Prospect Map:
The map will occupy the left half of the screen, and a menu line will
appear at top right. Below the map will be a legend describing the number ( and
color for EGA ) code for the map depths. A flat ground surface is assumed so
this is also a subsurface structure map. The map depths can range as far as
-20500 feet. As locations are drilled they are re-marked on the map to indicate
presence ( solid pattern ) or absence (dotted pattern ) of producible porosity.
Note that there is no distinction between a porous oil/gas zone and a porous
zone which is too low and produces water. In general the formation will hold
some combination of gas then oil then water as it gets deeper; assuming
producible porosity is present.

Risk Factors:
The "Risk Factor" displayed below the map indicates the likelihood of
finding the pay zone at any particular location. A risk factor of nine or ten
indicates very little pay zone exists on this prospect. Low risk factors
indicate a widespread pay zone, however, the risk factor says nothing about
whether the prospect will actually produce.

The menu choices: XIT, 3DAP, EW PROSPECT, RILL are activated
by pressing the bracketed letter. EXIT will bring a prompt to verify that you
wish to quit. NEW PROSPECT clears the screen and returns to the graphics mode
prompt (at a cost of $10,000). 3DMAP and DRILL lead to the activities described

3D Map:
The "M" key initiates a routine which translates the prospect map into a
three-dimensional fishnet map which occupies the right half of the screen. The
map takes about a minute to be calculated and drawn. If EGA graphics are in
effect the map uses the same color scheme as the prospect map. The 3D option is
not recommended if wells have already been drilled on the prospect as the
drilled locations badly distort the map.

Pressing the "D" key selects the drilling option. The prospector is then
prompted for the coordinates of the drillsite. The location should be entered
with the letter first then the number (eg.: R15). Either capital or lower-case
letters are recognized. If an invalid location is chosen then the prompt remains
and waits for a new entry. Be careful not to enter a previously drilled location
since that mistake costs $5000 and does not result in a well being drilled.
Once the location is entered the program calculates the drilling cost
( $30/foot ) and the production potential. If the location is non-productive the
drilling cost is deducted and the program waits for the next instruction. If a
producible zone is encountered then the completion cost is calculated, and the
player is given the choice of Completing the well or not.
If the well is not completed the program waits for new instructions. If
completion is chosen the results are displayed in terms of petroleum produced
and economics of the well. If the well is non-productive or produces at a loss
then it is automatically plugged. After completion the player may enter a new

Enhanced Game and Source Code:
This version of Wishingwell is available at no charge. If you like it
please let other's know. Feel free to copy and distribute unmodified copies of
Wishingwell as much as you like. This .DOC file must be included in any
distribution copy. This program is copyrighted, however, and may not be
distributed for profit without the author's written consent.
If you enjoy Wishingwell then you should try Version 2.0. It plays similar
to Version 1.1, but adds automatic tracking and control of your cash flow. It
also offers more sophisticated economics, a slower production decline ( 4.8% per
year ), and a detailed financial statement is available at the touch of a
button. In addition, if you run out of cash, but have a high monthly income V2.0
will allow you to operate on a "credit" basis. Wishingwell Version 2.0 is
available for $10.00. An additional $5.00 will purchase source code for both
versions. Registered users of Version 2.0 will receive a discount on future

If you would like to order, or have questions, comments, or suggestions
please write to:
Tony Rongey
612 W. 120th St.
Jenks, OK 74037

Wishingwell Version 1.1 is protected by U.S. copyright laws, all rights
reserved. You are encouraged to make and distribute unmodified copies of
Wishingwell Version 1.1 along with Wish.DOC. Wishingwell is not to be
distributed without this .DOC file accompanying. Wishingwell Version 1.1 may not
be distributed for any fee without the author's express written consent.
Wishingwell Version 1.1 was developed and tested on a standard IBM PC/XT
running PC-DOS V3.20, and compiled with Borland's Turbo Basic. It should operate
properly on any fully compatible system. Wishingwell Version 1.1 is not
warranted, and Tony Rongey shall not be responsible for any loss incurred by use
of the program.

Order/Registration Form:



check desired items

Wishingwell Version 2.0.......................$10.00 (__)

Turbo Basic
Source code for V1.1 and V2.0.................$ 5.00 (__)

Amount enclosed (check or money order)........_________

Comments: please tell me if you encounter problems, or
would like to see particular changes or additions.

Please fill in the short survey below so I will know what
kind of audience I am writing for.

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