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The Player Character Creator.
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The Player Character Creator.
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RnJ Productions

The Player Character Creator

programmed by: Kung Lao
supervised by: Liu Kang

This program was created to make the tedious task of generating
player characters much simplier and more efficient. This is version 1.1 so
there still is probably bugs in the program, so don't get mad at me, just
try again. With this unregistered copy of The Player Character Creator,
you will need to hit the key to print a copy of your character
sheet. With a $10 order, a copy of version 1.2 will be sent to you. This
upgraded version of The Player Character Creator will utilized a save file
so that your Player Characters can be saved unto a file for later reference,
and it will be menu driven to provide easy access to printer options and
other user friendly commands.

If you would like to register a copy of this program, let me know
by dropping a line to me on the board where you D/L'ed this prog.

-Jason Mullikin

P.S.-The silly protect password is 'create' HAVE FUN!!! :>

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