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WinCraps V1.2 - A Craps Game for Windows. Requires VBRUN100.DLL.

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WinCraps (Version 1.2) for Windows
The casino dice game of Craps is faithfully
recreated in this version, complete with
good help on how to play the game.

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WinCraps V1.2 – A Craps Game for Windows. Requires VBRUN100.DLL.
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WinCraps (Version 1.2) for Windows
The casino dice game of Craps is faithfully
recreated in this version, complete with
good help on how to play the game.
Installation of WinCraps V1.2 for Windows 3.0

Thank you for downloading PyroWare Craps. Craps requires Windows 3.0
running in standard or enhanced mode, 2 Megabytes of RAM, and a mouse.
While the game may function with less than 2 Meg of RAM, performance MAY
be degraded. If you recieve an empty dialogue box when you attempt to run
the program, you likely do not have enough free memory. This seems to
occur when running in Standard mode with 286 processors and 1 Meg of RAM.
Enhanced Mode Windows does not seem to display this quirk.

While it is possible to "roll the bones" with a keyboard only, full
functioning of all features requires the use of a mouse.

Updates to Version 1.2 include repair of a bug which permits saving of a
game between sessions, improved dice handling and animation, and other
minor modifications.

To install Craps, create a discrete directory and note the path to
that directory. If you wish, you may copy the game files directly to
your Windows directory. The game consists of three files... CRAPS.EXE,
CRAPS.HLP, and VBRUN100.DLL. CRAPS.EXE is the main program. CRAPS.HLP is
an ASCII text file containing help information. If you read or access
CRAPS.HLP outside of the program, please, DO NOT MODIFY IT, or the game
will not be able to access or reconstruct the file. VBRUN100.DLL MUST
remain in the same directory as CRAPS.EXE, or it must be available along
your PATH statement. The easiest method is to move it, if you must, along
with CRAPS.EXE and CRAPS.HLP. Since VBRUN100.DLL is the Visual Basic
runtime library, you may already have a copy of the file for other
applications. A good place for this file is in your windows directory.
If you have multiple copies of this file, you may delete all but one of

Once you have used the save game feature, a fourth file, CRAPS.INI,
will appear in your directory. This file contains game data for the restore
game feature. If you open it in a text editor, do not modify it, or
unpredictable game play may result if the game attempts to make use of this
file. If you modify or delete it by accident, simply start the game, then
select "SAVE GAME" from the "FILES" selection on the main menu bar, and the
game will write a new, uncorrupted CRAPS.INI file.

Once you have the three files in the desired directory, start Windows
in standard or enhanced mode, and click in order "FILE", "NEW", and
"PROGRAM ITEM" from the Windows main menu bar. A dialogue box will appear
prompting for "Description" and "Command Line". Enter "Craps" (or what-
ever) for "Description". For "Command Line", enter the path to the
directory which contains the game files, with CRAPS.EXE as the target.
For example, if you have placed the game files in the directory CRAPS,
your command line description will be "C:\CRAPS\CRAPS.EXE". Click "Okay",
and an Icon will appear consisting of a pile of blue chips. Craps has
now been successfully installed.

Craps was written using Microsoft Visual Basic, and required 2 months
of full-time work to complete. If you like the program and feel it is
worth a darn, $6 will receive the latest version on disk without the
"About Craps" interruption, licensed personally to you. This will allow
me to continue to create programs like this. Please, support shareware
authors if you make use of their programs!

If you are a Visual Basic programmer and would like the source code,
please write for details.

Enjoy the program, and good luck "Rolling the Bones". Hopefully, if
you are a novice to the exciting game of Craps, you may learn enough to
make intelligent bets in an actual Casino, and walk away from the table
a winner!

25 Pandilla Way
Hot Springs Village, Arkansas

Microsoft Windows and Visual Basic are trademarks of Microsoft Corporation.

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