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"Variations" a collection of five solitaire games.
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“Variations” a collection of five solitaire games.
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8-K-0 SoftWare Presents

< < < < V A R I A T I O N S > > > >

A Collection of Soliataire Games

v 2.0
(c) 1989-91

By Michael D. Smith

This product is distributed as FreeWare, therefore no requests for
donations or registration are made or implied. Also, this program
SHALL NOT be combined with other products or sold without the author's
permission. It may be freely copied and distributed.

If you enjoy using this product give a copy to a friend or pass it on
to your local BBS.

-------- Game Description -------

Variations is a collection of (5) solitaire games which from one package
gives you a variety of games to choose from. For ease of play and more
enjoyable games a mouse may be used, although one is not needed for

-------- Requirments --------

This game only supports COLOR systems, mouse is optional.
It will NOT support Mono!

-------- Program files --------

VRIATN20.ZIP Archived File of Variations 2.0

Variatn.exe Variations game
Variatn.doc This file -- Game descriptions


Game Selections

As stated, Variations 2.0 is a collection of five solitaire games:

1) Poker Solitaire
2) Monte Carlo
3) Pyramid Solitaire
4) Solitree (Golf Pyramid)
5) Auld Lang Syne

Each game is unique in its own way thus giving a nice variety of
solitaire games to choose from. This document only highlights the
main features of each game. Game rules and instructions may be
read from within each game thereby allowing you to jump right into
some fun and exciting card playing.

<< P O K E R S O L I T A I R E >>

Also known as Poker Squares this fun and challenging game is played
by trying to build the (12) best poker hands possible. These hands
are built using Rows, Columns and Diagonals:

[ 5 - Rows ] [ 5 - Columns ] [ 2 - Diagonals ]

(25) cards are dealt to the player, as each card is displayed place
it within the playing table to create your poker hands.

When all (25) cards have been played, each hand is calculated and
to obtain the game score. This calculating mode my be sped up by
pressing a key (or left mouse button if a mouse is in use). As each
hand is calculated the corresponding poker hand will be highlighted.

Hand Score
Royal Flush 30
Straight Flush 30
4 of a Kind 16
Full House 10
Flush 5
Straight 12
3 of a Kind 6
Two Pairs 3
One Pair 1
Empty Hand 0

Scoring is based upon the difficulty of forming the hands in Poker
Solitaire rather than on the ranking of hands in regular Poker.

Once a card has been played it remains in play, so careful planning
and strategy (as well as a good luck of the draw) is needed in having
a high scoring game. Consider a score of 80 or greater as a winning

<<<< M O N T E C A R L O >>>>

The object of the game is to match all adjacent pairs of cards from the
until the entire deck is played. Pairs may be made by:

Rows, Columns, and Diagonals

When all possible pairs have been played the table is Consolidated
[Re-Sorted], whereby all remaining cards are moved to the left, filling
in the blanks. Once done, remaining cards from the
of cards are placed on the table's remaining blanks until the table is
full or, until the has been depleted. Repeat these
steps of Match/Consolidate until all cards have been paired up <>
or until no further matches can be played <>.

<<<< P Y A R M I D S O L I T A I R E >>>>

(28) cards are placed on the table in the form of a pyramid in (7)
rows such that each card is overlapped by two cards on the next row
( Except for the seventh row ). When beginning the game the seventh
row is available for play. As cards are matched and removed from play,
they partially uncover cards on the next row. Only cards which have
been wholly uncovered are available for play.

From the available cards select those that add up to thirteen (13).

Card values are: 2 - 10 Face value
Jacks 11
Queens 12
Kings 13 (Kings are removed singly)
Aces 1

If no available cards can be matched for play use the [Stock Pile] by
turning cards over one at time until matching cards become available.
The stock pile can not be used if a card has already been selected and
placed in the [Choice Box]. Cards turned over from the stock pile are
placed in the [Waste Pile] where the top-most card is always available
for play. Selecting a card from the waste pile allows the next card
to be made available for matching (that is if the two are matchable).

When the [Stock Pile] has been turned over it may be turned over for
another redeal by continuing with the [Stock] command. Standard Play
allows only two additional redeals in your goal to match all cards.
Beginner Play allows unlimited redeals.

Also, when in Standard Play if you pass through the entire Stock pile
without matching any cards (pyramid or waste pile) then the game is
forfeited and you lose. Beginner Play allows for unlimited passes
until defeat is acknowledged.

Game is won when ALL cards have been matched from the Pyramid, Waste
and Stock piles.

<<<< S O L I - T R E E >>>>

As in 'Pyramid Solitaire' the game table is setup exactly the same with
(28) cards placed on the table in the form of a pyramid in (7)
overlapping rows with the seventh row open for play.
Only cards which have been wholly uncovered are available for play.

Available cards from the Pyramid are used to build up or down
numerically with the displayed card in the [Play] box, suits are ignored.
Building up/down is done by selecting cards that immediately precede or
follow the displayed card, for example:

If the displayed [Play] card is a [7] then only a [6] or [8] may be
[Aces] may be played on a [2] or a [King].

When a card has been selected and played it is then placed on the [Play]
stack where it becomes the next card to be played on.

If no Pyramid cards are available for play the [Stock] pile deck is to be
used. Turn cards over one at a time until a card can be played on. Only
one pass through the [Stock] pile is permitted.

[Win]: Game is won when the Pyramid has been cleared of all cards

[Lose]: Game is lost when the [Stock] pile has been depleted and
unplayable cards still remain on the pyramid.

<<<< A U L D L A N G S Y N E >>>>

Aces are removed from the deck and placed at the top of the table
to form the Foundation. From the Stock pile four cards are placed
on the Reserve piles. The top most cards on the Reserve piles are
always available for play and are played sequentially regardless of

If no cards are available for play then four more are placed
on the Reserve pile until all cards have been played (Win) or until
the Stock pile has been depleted and no cards are playable (Lose).

This is a fast paced game and card locations are a key factor in
winning at this game.

Good Luck and have Fun!!!

<<<< Final Notes >>>>

Variations 2.0 was programmed using an XT 640k. It has been tested
and played on various systems from a simple XT up to a super-charged 386
without any difficulties occuring. That is not to say that no 'bugs'
of any kind exist. Each individual module with the exception of the
'Auld Lang Syne' has gone through various version updates and
improvements and has been released as an individual game.

Any comments regarding this program, ie: bugs, critiques, improvements,
etc... will be greatly appreciated. All comments should be left as
mail on GEnie.

GEnie Address: M.Smith106

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