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Sweden's Saab JA-37 Viggen for Yeager's AFT/AFS (PD).
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Sweden’s Saab JA-37 Viggen for Yeager’s AFT/AFS (PD).
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Contents of the VIGGEN.DOC file

Saab Viggen for Chuck Yeager's Advanced Flight Trainer

by Jeff Feinsmith 2/13/88
(C) Jeff Feinsmith 1988

1. Files in this archive:

VIGGEN.DOC - This file

VIGGEN.FLY - Saab Viggen airplane file

2. How to use the aircraft file:

The airplane in this file requires the use of Chuck Yeager's
Advanced Flight Trainer (formerly known as Advanced Flight Simulator)
from Electronic Arts. To use the plane, simply put it on the same
directory as AFT. AFT will find it and place it in the "planes" menu.

3. The aircraft
Saab JA-37 Viggen

Engine: 1 Svenska Flygmotor RM8B two-shaft turbofan (28,086 lbs. static
Wingspan: 34 ft., 9.25 in.
Length: 53 ft., 5.75 in.
Maximum weight: 37,478 lbs.
Landing gear: retractable tricycle
Service ceiling: 60,000?
Maximum speed: Mach 2 (1,320 mph)
Crew: 1

This is Sweden's premiere jet fighter. It was first flown in 1977
after 9 years of development. This plane is an excellent example of what
a modern fighter should be, as it can take-off and land almost anywhere, even
off of back country roads, which in time of war would definately mean the
difference between elimination and survival. Designed to be a STOL aircraft
(short take-off and landing), it has a flapped canard foreplane and a delta
wing. The canard creates powerful vortices which scrub the main wing allowing for
tight maneuvers and amazingly slow landing approaches; the Viggen actually
has the shortest take-off and landing run of any modern aircraft. The engine
is a licensed version of the Pratt & Whitney JT8D turbofan redesigned in
Sweden for Mach 2 and fitted with SFA afterburner.

If you have any comments or questions, I can be contaced at the
following address.

Jeff Feinnsmith
1307 Prince St.
Alexandria, Va. 22314

Compuserve Information Service address: 72177,3476
GEnie information exchange address: JFEINSMITH

4. Licensing

All of the files in this archive are intended for non-commercial,
public domain use, and may be used copied, and distributed subject to this
licence. This program is supplied "as is" and without any warranties,
express or implied, including fitness or suitability for a particular
purpose. The files in this archive may not be sold.

Chuck Yeager's Advanced Flight Trainer, and Advanced Flight Simulator are
trademarks of Electronic Arts.

5. Bibliography

Modern Air Combat by Bill Guston & Mike Spick

Air & Space/Smithsonian Magazine February/March 1988 Volume 2, Number 6

6. Special Thanks

I also wish to express my many thanks to Rus Phillips who was a great help
with suggestions in creating AFT aircraft files.

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