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VGA "Wheel of Fortune" game. Fun for all.
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VGA “Wheel of Fortune” game. Fun for all.
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Contents of the VGAWHEEL.DOC file

VGAWHEEL Documentation
V.1.2 (4-19-90)
Requires VGA Card and Monitor

Start the game by typing VGAWHEEL at the DOS prompt.
Instructions are included in the game. It has been found to
run on all PC/XT/ATs clones equipped with various VGA cards
and monitors, so far. Distribution begins with Version 1.00.
It may run slowly on some '386 computers due to timing problems
on some motherboards. Version 1.2 is NOT Shareware and may not
be copied and distributed. Version 1.2S IS Shareware and may only
be distributed in its original form with 203 puzzles.
An editor is included to facilitate adding new clues
to your game. When adding new puzzles, the database is checked
to prevent duplication. The ability to edit previously added
clues is included in the event of mispellings. However, be careful
not to change a puzzle into a duplicate since duplicate
checking is not done at this point. The Shareware version for
SHAREWARE distribution contains 203 game puzzles. The REGISTERED
copy contains over 8600 puzzles.
A hard drive with 650 Kbytes available is required for the
full data base. If you do not have a hard drive or floppy with enough
free space, a smaller version will be included on the disk with 4300
I have not examined the memory needs of the program as most
people with VGA also have the full 640K memory. The data file
is limited only by the size of the storage disk. The clues
have a maximum of 20 characters and the puzzles are limited
to 40 characters.
Any suggestions for improvements are, of course,
welcome. I do not have the resources to rewrite the game
for other computers. For those who absolutely must have
Vanna in their game program, I suggest buying the Official
Wheel of Fortune computer games from Share Data (which
supports CGA, but not VGA). Despite their name, Share Data is
NOT SHAREWARE nor PUBLIC DOMAIN. The name "Wheel of Fortune" is
not used so as to avoid infringing the copyrights of Califon
Productions, hence the name VGAWHEEL.
Beware, younger children may not fully understand the
rules and are prone to fighting when one player monopolizes
the Wheel.
EGA Computer users:
EGAWHEEL V10.2 is available from the author in two versions:
Shareware Version (203 Puzzles) for $ 3.00
Full Version (8000 Puzzles) for $10.00

Enjoy!-- Russell Mueller
507 Washington Gardens
Washington, NJ 07882

VGAWHEEL CHANGE.TXT by Russell R. Mueller

Version 1.00
1) Modified EGAWHEEL Copyright 1987 by Russell R. Mueller.
Uses 16 color mode SCREEN 12.

2) Compiled QuickBASIC 4.5 suppressing coprocessor to eliminate
timing problems on computers without coprocessor.

Version 1.2
1) Fixed lockup if you type a vowel after spinning.

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