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VGA Roulette is a game program that simulates the popular betting game just like Las Vegas.
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VGA Roulette is a game program that simulates the popular betting game just like Las Vegas.
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Contents of the ROULETTE.DOC file

VGA Roulette

VGA Roulette is a game program that simulates the popular betting
game just like Las Vegas. VGA Roulette is another shareware
program from the VGA Fun Pak collection. If you do not have the
VGA Fun Pak, it should be available on your BBS shortly. As
indicated by its name VGA Roulette requires a VGA Display. In
addition, you must have a Microsoft-compatible mouse to run this

ROULETTE.EXE provides a very graphic and colorful screen that looks
like a real roulette table (except for the wheel). The screen is
divided into six areas; (1) the Roulette Table, (2) the Command
Lines, (3) the Clock, (4) the WHEEL, (5) the Scoreboard, and (6)
the Message Area. The Clock displays the current time and is for
information only (can't miss lunch). All bets and commands are
entered using the mouse. There are no complicated meanings to the
mouse buttons as in some programs, any or all buttons simply mean
SELECT. Bets or commands can be selected by pointing to the bet
location or command and pressing any or all of the mouse buttons.


There are two ways to install and use VGA Roulette. It will work
stand-alone by just copying the ROULETTE.EXE program to an
appropriate disk or directory. The ZIP file that ROULETTE.EXE was
distributed in also contains a file called ROULETTE.INS. This will
install the program in the VGA Fun Pak (VFP) menu system. Just
type VFPMENU [Enter], select the install option and follow the
instructions in the VGA Fun Pak manual.


VGA Roulette is started by typing ROULETTE[.EXE] or by selecting
"VGA Roulette" from the VFP menu. When the program starts you may
or may not see the shareware message first (see SHAREWARE below.)
The screen will then be drawn and the message area will display a
prompt for your initials. Enter your initials carefully as the
program maintains a running account of your financial status in the
ROULETTE.DAT file, along with a password to protect your stake.
After entering your initials, the program looks in the ROULETTE.DAT
file to see if you have played before. If your initials are found,
the program will prompt for your password. DON'T FORGET YOUR
are not found, you are prompted to check to see that you entered
the initials correctly before being asked for your password. After
entering your password correctly, you may proceed to play Roulette.
You are given three chances to get your password correct. After
three tries, the program terminates.PLACING BETS

Placing bets involves three areas of the screen: the Roulette
Table, the Command Area, and the Scoreboard. Bets may be placed
on the table in three denominations: $100, $250 and $500. These
are represented by betting chips and are selected by pointing at
the desired denomination on the second command line and selecting
(by pressing a mouse button) it. The scoreboard always displays
the currently selected chip in the lower righthand corner next to
the WHEEL.

You may place up to 20 bets on the board. Bet locations are
designated by colored circles on the table, and all standard
Roulette bets are indicated on the board. Multiple bets at a
single location may be placed by holding the mouse button down.
Bets are paced at about 5 bets per second, so that with a little
practice, you can place your bets quickly. After you have placed
you 20th bet the WHEEL begins to spin automatically. If you wish
to make fewer than 20 bets, just select the NO MORE BETS option on
the first command line. The WHEEL will "spin" and the computer
will award any payoffs. To simplify matters, the computer reduces
your stake as you make bets, and pays off at the appropriate odds
plus your original bet. Thus a winning $100 bet on the number 12
would pay $3,600 (35:1 odds plus your bet.) Current bet amounts
and totals are displayed on the Scoreboard. VGA Roulette will
display your bets and the MARKER (designating the winning number)
until you select the first command line, PRESS MOUSE TO CONTINUE,
which has replaced the NO MORE BETS option. This provides you time
to evaluate your bets and how you won (or lost).


There are three other commands, QUIT, SOUND ON (OFF) and ODDS
displayed on the second command line. QUIT is the way you exit the
game. If you select QUIT you are prompted in the message area to
validate the selection. Just select the YES option to exit or the
NO option to continue to play.

SOUND ON (OFF) is a toggle that displays the current status of
sound either on or off. Selecting this command when sound is on
will turn sound off and vice versa. In addition to the visual
verification, toggling SOUND ON also provide an audible beep. The
ODDS command displays a window with the odds and colors that
represent the specific bets. This is sort of a help key to assist
those less familiar with playing Roulette. As you can tell this
manual is not an instruction book for the game itself. If you are
new to Roulette, I suggest that you write a casino in Las Vegas,
Reno or Lake Tahoe for instructions. Casinos generally supply
rules to all their games free of charge.


The Scoreboard displays information about your financial condition.
When you first start to play, the HOUSE gives you a $25,000 stake
as a VIP to play with. After that is gone, you are issued MARKERS
in amounts of $10,000. Winning $1,000,000 breaks the BANK and
reduces your stake to the original $25,000. Losing $1,000,000 will
cause you to bankrupt and your markers are written off. You may
continue to play on a fresh $25,000.

The top line of the Scoreboard displays your current status (STAKE,
WON/(LOST) this session, total bets and MARKERS. The second line
indicate the status of the current bet including number of bets,
bet amount, winning number, and winning amount.


VGA Roulette (ROULETTE.EXE) is distributed as Shareware, with a
free 30-day trial period. If the program is useful and you
continue to use the program after the initial trial, you are
requested to send $15 to:

J. Stephen Shattuck, Jr.
JSSJ Software
5289 N. Lake Drive
Whitefish Bay, WI 53217

When you register VGA Roulette, you will receive instructions on
how to remove the shareware message. After 25 days you will begin
to get warnings that your 30-day free trial is almost up. After
30 days, VGA Roulette will delete itself from you disk.

Feel free to comment on the VGA Roulette and make suggestion for
it's improvements.

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