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VGA fun pack. Assorted games that work in VGA mode.
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VGA fun pack. Assorted games that work in VGA mode.
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VFPCLOCK.EXE 49888 35052 deflated
VFPFLASH.EXE 69458 46768 deflated
VFPFLOWR.EXE 47404 32921 deflated
VFPFLY.EXE 60194 38329 deflated
VFPHNGMN.EXE 75136 48999 deflated
VFPMENU.EXE 73588 50708 deflated
VFPMENU.INS 480 187 deflated
VFPSEA.EXE 77414 47067 deflated
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VGAFUNPK.DOC 10659 4167 deflated

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Contents of the VGAFUNPK.DOC file



VGA Fun Pak is a series of programs for IBM-Compatible computers
that support VGA graphics. Many of the programs require a
Microsoft-compatible mouse to function properly, while others will
run from either the keyboard or mouse, if present. All programs
were written in Quick Basic 4.5 and compiled to run without having
to have BRUN45.EXE available. No special libraries were used.

All programs, except the VFPMENU program, can be terminated at any
point by pressing the [F10] key. In some instances when the
program is already looking for keyboard input, it is also necessary
to press the [ENTER] key following the [F10] key to exit the

Some of the programs illustrate the graphics capabilities of VGA
and make nice conversation pieces by leaving them running when you
are not using your computer. Some are appropriate for young
children, some for adults, while others are variations of board
games. Above all, enjoy!

VGA Fun Pak is distributed as Shareware, with a free 30-day trial
period. If the programs are fun, and you decide to use the
programs after an initial trial, you are requested to send $15 to:

J. Stephen Shattuck, Jr.
JSSJ Software
5289 N. Lake Drive
Whitefish Bay, WI 53217

When you register VGA Fun Pak, you will receive instructions on how
to remove the shareware message. After 25 days you will begin to
get warnings that your 30-day free trial is almost up. After 30
days VGA Fun Pak will delete itself from you disk.

Also feel free to comment on the VGA Fun Pak and make suggestion
for it's improvements. Also, I would be interested in your
favorite game. Some of my favorites are mentioned in the
documentation of the Game Menu Program that follows.

You may contact the author on Exec PC - Milwaukee under the name


This program controls user access to all the games in the VGA Fun
Pak. The program is invoked as follows:


Note that you must be in the directory that contains all of the VGA
Fun Pak programs and data files. VFPMENU.EXE is driven by a data
file (VFPMENU.DAT) that can be created by an installation or manual
insert option within the program. VFPMENU.DAT is a "R"andom file
and cannot be created easily outside the VFPMENU program.

Note that VFPMENU.EXE will control .COM,.EXE or .BAT files. If the
program is not in the current directory, the program must be
accessed through a .BAT file. The program extension (.COM, .EXE
and .BAT) are stored in the .DAT file to insure proper execution!
The VFPMENU.EXE program uses the extension to determine how to
execute the program, i.e RUN, CHAIN or SHELL.

If you choose to use a .BAT file, the .BAT file does not require
an EXIT statement to return to the VFPMENU.EXE program. BAT files
are useful to change directories, invoke mouse support, set special
video modes, etc. In addition, VFPMENU supports a very special
.BAT file named VFPBAT.BAT. This file uses a technique that saves
significant hard disk space over having separate .BAT files for
each game. My VFPBAT.BAT file is listed on the following page to
illustrate this technique. You may chose to use this technique or
use separate .BAT files. VFPMENU.EXE will support either method.

NOTE: When using a .BAT or the VFPBAT.BAT file, some versions of
MS-DOS fail to release 64k of memory after shelling out and
returning. I use Norton's SI program to check.

Multiple-use BAT File

echo off :CHESS
cls a:
c:\menu off >nul if exist sargon.bat goto chess1
:START beep
if x%1==xbridge goto BRIDGE echo ** Sargon not in Drive A **
if x%1==xBRIDGE goto BRIDGE echo

if x%1==xcasino goto CASINO pause
if x%1==xCASINO goto CASINO goto CHESS
if x%1==xchess goto CHESS :chess1
if x%1==xCHESS goto CHESS cd \sargon3
if x%1==xmah goto MAHJONGG sargon
if x%1==xMAH goto MAHJONGG cd \
if x%1==xM18 goto M18 goto EXIT
if x%1==xm18 goto M18 :MAHJONGG
if x%1==xNICK goto NICKLAUS c:
if x%1==xnick goto NICKLAUS ncd mahjongg
beep key-fake " "
goto EXIT mahjongg -m -c3 -d14
c: :M18
c:\msdos\speed slow c:
ncd bridge >nul ncd mean18 >nul
c:\menu c:\bridge >nul m18shell
bridge goto EXIT
speed fast >nul :NICKLAUS
c:\menu off >nul c:
goto EXIT ncd nicklaus >nul
:CASINO golfe
c: goto EXIT
ncd casino >nul :EXIT
c:\menu c:\casino >nul c:
casino ncd games >nul
c:\menu off
goto EXIT

The initial lines perform some housekeeping, followed by a series
of IF statements to determine the game selected. If the option is
not found, the batch file BEEPs and proceeds to the EXIT. The IF
statements are followed by what would normally be the individual
.BAT files, and all end by going to the EXIT statement. Depending
on the allocation unit on your hard disk (the smallest increment
that is allocated to a file), this can save disk space.

Programs may be selected using a mouse or by entering the program's
number from the keyboard. Selecting the exit command will
terminate the program and return you to the MS-DOS C:> prompt. A
VFPMENU.INS file is provided for all the programs in the VGA Fun
Pak. You can add your favorite games to the menu using the
instructions above. Alarm Clock/Digital Clock

These programs maintain a clock on the screen using high-resolution
VGA color graphics. The digital clock displays the time as
numbers, while the Alarm Clock reproduces the face of a normal

Art/Christmas Tree/Flyaway/Polar Flower

These are graphics demonstration programs that produce interesting
images on the video display. These are just fun programs that are
nice to leave running when you are not using your computer.

Bulls & Cows

Bulls & Cows is a variation of Mastermind. The program options ask
you to designate the length of the mystery number (3 or 4 digits),
and the numbers that appear in the mystery number (1 thru 5, 6 ,
7 ,8 or 9). The computer selects the mystery number based on the
options selected. The number will be three or four digits long,
contain only the numbers selected by the option, and NO NUMBER WILL
BE REPEATED. For example, the number might be 1758 but could never
be 1757.

After you select a guess, the computer will grade the guess. A
BULL is a correct number in the current location. A COW is a
correct number, but in the wrong location. Using the grades
(BULLS/COWS), you make successive guesses until you have correctly
guessed the mystery number, or after 10 tries, the computer will
tell you the answer.

Victory at Sea

This program is modeled after a childhood game that I played on
paper. I understand the game BATTLESHIP may be similar, but I have
never played myself. The first step is to place your ships (2
battleships of 4 squares each, 2 cruisers of 3 squares, and 2
submarines of 2 squares). The ships may be placed horizontally,
vertically, or diagonally, but must be in consecutive squares. The
computer will not allow you to place too many squares for a given
type and will prevent you entering the same square more than once;
in either case you will get a beep. You will see a running chart
of the squares used for each boat of each type (B1, B2, C1, C2,
etc.) in the center of the screen.

You start with entering squares for B1, but this can be changed by
moving the cursor to the bottom line and clicking the left button
when the cursor is within a square for the ship you wish to enter.
You can determine which ship is selected by the CURRENT TYPE:XX"
in the center of the screen. If you make a mistake, select the
"ERASE" box at the bottom and click any incorrect squares.

When you have completed placement of your ships, click on "DONE".
The computer will verify the number of squares and consecutive
location of your ships. When your ships are placed, the computer
sets its ships (at random, but only horizontal, vertical, and
diagonal placement is allowed), and then fires the first round.
Computer shots are noted on the left grid by the round number,
superimposed on ships if there is a hit.

Now it is your turn to shoot. You are notified of the number of
shots you have left. Put the cursor () over the squares you
want to shoot, and press the left button. You can't shoot in a
square more than once; you'll get a beep.

When you have finished your shots on a given round, you will
receive a report of ships sunk (only by type, not by number), and
hits by type. It is now time to enter the results in the scoreboard
between the grids. Just point to the appropriate box and press the
left mouse button to record the round numbers for hits on ships.
The current round number is assumed (but may be changed by clicking
the left button on the desired round number or the ERASE box at the
bottom). Move the arrow cursor to a square in the scoreboard and
press the left button. Signal the computer that you are done by
clicking the right button and the computer will take its next shot.

Ship sinkings are signaled by tunes -- the opening bar of
Beethoven's Fifth when the computer sinks one of your ships, and
'Charge!' when you sink one of the computer's ships.

When either your ships or the computer's ships are reduced to none,
the game automatically ends with the winner being notified, and an
appropriate tune is played. In either case, a plot of the
computer's ships is shown.

You may play the game again by clicking the left button on the
"YES" box at the bottom of the screen. Clicking "NO" will return
you to the MASTER MENU!

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