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A VGA version of the game Concentration.
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A VGA version of the game Concentration.
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Contents of the README.DOC file


This README file contains important, last minute information in
addition to VC.DOC . It also answers many common questions.


A) VGA : This program requires IBM PC or compatible, VGA graphics
display and 384 K of system memory. The program supports the most
popular VGA cards. If your card is not included in the "VGA CARD
SELECTION" or you have a problem running VC.EXE use the
"<<<< STANDARD IBM VGA >>>>" menu entry.

B) If you do not have VGA graphics display, read in ALIVE.DOC about
CRAZY SHUFFLE, our memory Concentration program that works on CGA,
EGA, Hercules and MCGA.

C) The program files with extensions ".VL" and ".LST" must be present
in your current disk and directory.

D) MOUSE : if you plan to use the mouse, the mouse driver must be loaded
before running VC. For best results, your mouse driver should be a
recent update, 1988 or later. If you have any problem with the mouse
due to compatibility issues just select the keyboard option from the
installation menu.


Ver 1.0 01-APR-1990 First publication of VGA CONCENTRATION
Ver 1.1 03-MAY-1990 Fixed "Divide overflow" bug associated
with new MICROSOFT Mouse drivers.
Ver 1.2 24-OCT-1990 Added standard IBM VGA support. ( Supports
any 8-Bit VGA system and XT )

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