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Pinball game made for VGA monitors. Moraff's pinball.
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Pinball game made for VGA monitors. Moraff’s pinball.
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DIRMAP 515 201 deflated
EGAVGA.BGI 5363 3878 deflated
FLIP.BIN 1666 200 deflated
FLIPCOOR.NUM 251 138 deflated
GOTH.CHR 8560 4355 deflated
HISCORE 600 159 deflated
LITT.CHR 2138 955 deflated
MACH1.CPR 28886 5410 deflated
MACH1C.BIN 12018 3145 deflated
MACHCPTS.BIN 8456 2141 deflated
PINBALL.EXE 80112 45385 deflated
README 786 482 deflated
README.BAT 12 12 stored
SANS.CHR 5438 2748 deflated
TRIP.CHR 7241 3673 deflated
WHENLIT.BIN 914 248 deflated

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Contents of the README.BAT file


Contents of the README file

Here is your free `try out' copy of Moraff's Pinball. Please play and
enjoy this game and MAKE copies for your friends.

NOTE: F3 and F4 can be used to fine tune the speed of the game on fast machines.
Feel free to distribute copies of this game using any of the following methods:

1) Placing complete program on bulletin boards.
2) Making copies for friends.
3) Giving a free copy to paying customers.
4) Charging a nominal fee for the cost of the diskettes.
5) Anything else you can think of.

If you wish to ask questions or you need hints, just write to:

815-A Brazos, #317
Austin, TX 78701-2509

The toll-free order line is (800) VGA-MULT (842-6858). Price is $10.

Type `PINBALL' to start the game. Version 2.0

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