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Ultimate Universe 2.0 tips on getting started.

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Ultimate Universe 2.0: Getting Started. Some tips from
the old master about the basics you need on shipboard
when running the new mega-great version 2.0 of UU.
Read this, and play UU 2 on your favorite local BBS.
(Here, for instance.)

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Ultimate Universe 2.0 tips on getting started.
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Date: 05-19-94 (23:37)
TO: All New Warship Captains
FROM: An experienced Captain
RE: Getting Started


Commanding a Federation Class Warship is a complex task. However
your onboard computer contains a large amount of information that
is designed to assist you.

Part of this help is a basic list of Devices that we consider to
be basic. To get you started here is a description of each, and
why you need them.

1. (70) Auto Pilot Safety Stop
2. (38) Auto Pilot [20]

The AutoPilot is a basic form of movement, you tell it where you
wish to go, and it will compute the necessary course and then take
you there. The Safety Stop attaches to the AutoPilot and checks
all Sensor data for Hazards. If any are detected the AutoPilot
will shut down with a warning message.

3. (40) Random Emergency Warp

If you should happen to run into trouble, this device will attempt
to warp you away from it before you are destroyed. This is NOT 100%
effective, but it can save your ship in some situations.

4. (165) Danger Pack

A basic sensor pack containing vital devices. Without this is
is difficult to see much about the Universe.

5 (92) Explorer Path Delux
6. (125) Attack Drone Coordinator

Two long range Devices. The Drone Coordinator will allow you to
send Drone forces to any Sector you wish. The Explorer will scan
along a path to a desired Sector, showing you everything along the

7. (220) Fusion Cell

The Fusion Cell stores excess Fuel each time you log off. Without
it this fuel would be lost.

8. (331) Black Hole Detector
9. (363) Infected Port Detector
10. (419) Space Madness Detector Pack

Three Sensors of major importance. A Black Hole will destroy your
ship if you enter it. Space Madness is an Enemy created disease that
effects you and your ship. With the Port and Pack, you have complete
information that will allow you to avoid dangerous areas.

11. (281) E.E.C.C. Calling

A direct link to the E.E.C.C, enabling you to take advantage of most
of it's services. Reporting the Enemy is one of the most useful,
especially since you get an immediate 10 credits per Drone reported.

12. (288) Galvanic Catapult

The only known defense against a Black Hole. This device attempts
to save you if you wander into one.

13. (212) The Auto Trader

Automates trading so that you do not have to waste the time. The
Trading Pack is more useful, but this is a start.

14. (308) Dead Man Switch

The Ultimate in revenge. If someone attacks and destroys your ship,
this device will vent a huge charge against them. This almost always
results in the death of the attacker.

15. (408) Device Bay Missile Silo
16. (409) Missile Silo Missiles
17. (409) Missile Silo Missiles

The Missles load into the Silo, and you can stuff quite a few into
a single Silo. Similar to the Dead Man Switch, these missles will
launch at an attacker and attempt to destroy them. See the Device
Bay Missles for a more offensive defense.

18. (203) Macro Computer(10)

Programmed Macros serve as quick keys for ship operation. The Macro
Computer and the Super Macro Computer hold these macros for you.

In Conclusion

The possibilities for a Warship are limited only by your ability. These
notes are only a start, and should be supplimented by a detailed study
of the Device.Doc and UUhelp resources.

Stealth NightShade
Captain of the '(-) Command Cruiser'

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