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Tile set for Mahjong 3.3 that contain images of United States Air Force rank and a little insignia.
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Tile set for Mahjong 3.3 that contain images of United States Air Force rank and a little insignia.
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Contents of the USAFANDY.TXT file

Mah Jongg Tile Set Description

Subject: U. S. Air Force Rank, Insignia and Recruit.
Created by: Don Anderson (No relation to Nels as far as I know)
Sysop: The Remote Phoenix BBS
Niceville, Florida
904-678-5156 (Verification Required)
SIGnet 26:1904/1, FIDOnet 1:366/48, EGGnet 99:9003/1
USR Dual Standard


The tiles in this set contain images of United States Air Force rank and
a little insignia. A couple of others thrown in were included to help
complete the set.


Thank you Nels for the wonderful program. The TILE MAKER was a
delightful addition to an already great piece of software. Although
I do not play Mahjongg, I am thouroughly fascinated by your creations.
I have created this set, and will share it in hopes to further support
your hard work. Hats off to you!

A "Little" USAFANDY.TIL info:

Time of creation: 9 hours.

E1 = Airman Basic O1 = 2nd Lieutenant
E2 = Airman O2 = 1st Lieutenant
E3 = Airman First Class O3 = Captain
E4 = Senior Airman (SRA) O4 = Major
E4 = Sergeant O5 = Lt. Colonel
E5 = Staff Sergeant O6 = Colonel
E6 = Technical Sergeant O7 = General
E7 = Master Sergeant
E8 = Senior Master Sergeant
E9 = Chief Master Sergeant

Stars : Various Levels of General rank.
Bars : Go U.S. Air Force
U.S. W/O circle : Officer collar brass
U.S. With circle : Enlisted collar brass
Ribbons : A few awards and decorations
===(*)=== : Aircraft marking
A Great Way Of Life : Actually it is!!
AIRMEN : Name tag

Why USAF theme? Well, I wanted to take a look at the TILE MAKER and
see it in action. Couldn't think of anything off the top of my head,
so I decided to look at a few of the other tile sets for an Idea. I
am a sysop, and have many tile sets available right here on my own
bbs. Great work to those of you who have created sets! I'm in the
military, and saw the NAVY and MARINE set, so decided what better
way to come up with an idea than something I know "quite" a bit
about. Also, get a chance to help "fill the void" of the missing
sets for branches of the service not represented at the time of my
endeavor. The set is a bit noncommissioned officer slanted, due to
the fact that I'm an Air Force N.C.O. (noncommissioned officer).


If other Air Force sets are available, I do sincerely apologize for
choosing a theme that has already been used. I chose this theme
strictly for the purpose of evaluating another great piece of
software by Nels Anderson. No artist am I, so I did use other
shapes without permission to get me going. This tile set is in no
way whatsoever connected to, endorsed by, or in any other way
related to the United States Government, or the United States
Air Force. This set was not created to bother, harass, or commit
any illegal act. The intent of this tile set is strictly for the
sole purpose of the enjoyment of "Mahjongg" by Nels Anderson.
I take no credit whatsoever for this tile set. ALL credit goes to
Nels Anderson. I will not accept any monies for this creation, all
monies should be sent directly to Nels Anderson. If sharing this
set, or distributing it, please include this document for my
peace of mind. Any comments on Mahjongg or the Tile Maker should be
directed to Nels Anderson.

Feel free to use, abuse, or change this set. Please don't distribute
with this document after you've edited it for your needs.

Comments to me are accepted on my bbs via user status or NET mail.
Number and addresses are at the beginning of this document.

***** Support your shareware authors: Register! *****

Thanks again for your hard work and efforts. It is authors like
you who make shareware, and the further development of
softwares a continual success.

Don Anderson
The Remote Phoenix BBS

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