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Uplifting, an add-on level for DOOM.
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Uplifting, an add-on level for DOOM.
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Contents of the UPLIFTNG.TXT file

Well, after many hours of learning how to run the deu5.0 editor, this
is the level that I came up with. This is the first level of the first
mission. To load up the level just type 'doom -file upliftng.wad' and
choose 'Knee deep in the dead'(and the appropriate skill level). There
are about 40+ hours into making this level so if someone does change this
level any, I would at least like some credit shown.

This level was made using the patched 1.2 version of the registered game
and was also run through the bsp node builder, ver. 1.0.

The level is geared for more for a multiplayer mode that just one player.
However, this level is playable for just one player.

Deathmatch mode is supported.
Skill levels do change.

Watch out for the green river....20% health loss.
It may bog down on slower computers when the ceilings are raised to
allow the ability to exit the level. Be patient.
Many of the same ideas are used, so don't be suprised.

I did this on a 386dx-40(scary, isn't it!) and this is the second level
that I have created. The first level I made is not quite done yet but it
was also more of a deathmatch level. I may get it on internet someday.


Bart Wilson

[email protected]

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