Dec 222017
"Ultimate Blackjack" game.

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Go where no blackjack player has gone before,
into the ULTIMATE zone! Enter a fully
animated casino card game and gambling
school. Set the number of decks, change
casino rules, play with computer characters,
learn card counting, and more. $10 + $3 S&H
gets registered version on disk. 512K, EGA
or VGA, mouse or keyboard.

File ULTBJ12.ZIP from The Programmer’s Corner in
Category Games and Entertainment
“Ultimate Blackjack” game.
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ASADREAD.TXT 945 490 deflated
DESCRIBE.DOC 3729 1600 deflated
FILE_ID.DIZ 365 267 deflated
HELP.DOC 1215 607 deflated
INSTALL.COM 6236 2883 deflated
ULTIMABJ.EXE 343983 343644 deflated
VENDOR.DOC 4608 1771 deflated

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Contents of the ASADREAD.TXT file

ASAD Ombudsman Policy

This program has been produced by a member of the Association of
Shareware Authors and Distributors (ASAD). Any problems of a
shareware nature that can not be resolved either by the source of
the program or the the author of the program (whichever is
applicable) may be brought to the attention of the ASAD Ombudsman
for possible correction. Please send all information, including
the name and address of the person or company you received the
program from, to: ASAD, Attn: Ombudsman, 1323 Garfield Avenue
Springfield, Ohio 45504. Telephone (voice) 513-399-4828 or
(fax) 513-399-2501. Additional information about ASAD may be
obtained by writing the above address (Attn: Membership Director)
and requesting a membership application package.

ASAD -- Working for you and with you!

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