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File that activates the cheat feature in Ultima VIII.

Full Description of File

Cheat for Ultima 8. Allows player to do various things.
Gives player a spell book to allow casting of all spells.
Other misc stuff too.

File U8CHEAT2.ZIP from The Programmer’s Corner in
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File that activates the cheat feature in Ultima VIII.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
FILE_ID.DIZ 140 109 deflated
U8CHEAT2.EXE 18695 17752 deflated
U8CHEAT2.TXT 582 374 deflated

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Contents of the U8CHEAT2.TXT file

Okay, here's a way to enable the Cheats in Ultima VIII: Pagan!

Just run U8CHEAT.EXE from your Ultima 8 directory. It only works on your
current game, so if you reload you'll have to run this again. The good news
is: Once a game has been modified, all consecutive games will have the cheat
mode in them! Tons O' Fun!

Ways to Cheat:
Single-left-clicking on your Character brings up a menu of things...
brings up a handy internal menu.
- brings up a list of the other keys!

Original cheat program by Clockwork.
Game completion check removed by Stix.

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