Dec 122017
Tyderium Shuttle for FS4. Needs AAF.

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The Tyderium Shuttle for FS4!
Needs AAF, Enjoy! May the force be
with you!

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Tyderium Shuttle for FS4. Needs AAF.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
FILE_ID.DIZ 78 76 deflated
TYDERIUM 41842 22633 deflated
TYDERIUM.SIM 363 301 deflated
TYDERIUM.TXT 980 499 deflated

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Contents of the TYDERIUM.TXT file

Hello Fellow Star Wars Fans!
If you've seen Return Of the Jedi, you may remember Han, Luke and Leia
all traveling on the Shuttle Tyderium to the Death Star's Shield Generator.
This replica is interesting, with only one bug that i could'nt fix.
That Bug is the fact it hovers about 10 feet off the ground -When Landed!-

This Model has working wings and gears, enjoy!
-Russell & Forrest Kimes

The Shuttle's specs. are:

Name/Model# Lambada Class T-4a "Imperial Shuttle"
Designer Cygnus Spaceworks
Combat Designation Armed Government Transport Shuttle
Length 20 Meters
Crew 4
Passengers Up to 14
Weapons 4 Taim & Bak KX5 Lazer Cannons

(These are taken from various STAR WARS fact books)

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