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* Originally by Steve Logan, 1:133/522

In order to bypass the limits on shields for each shiptype, you need a
planet with at least a level 1 citadel. Buy plenty of shields (1000 to
2000 at a time depending on the type of ship you have) and drop them on
the planet normally.

Now for the fun part: when you have enough shields on the planet,
enter the citadel, and transfer a - amount of shields TO the planet.
This bypasses the limit checking that is enforced when you transfer
shields FROM the citadel. You can transfer any amount up to the amount
on the planet to your ship. You can also use this trick when shielding
a newly completed level 5 citadel to transfer all the shields in one
trip. (So far, all the games I've played have allowed more than 1639
shields per planet, so I set up a shielded planet in a sector with a
class 0 port just for an easy place to buy shields with minimum effort.

One note of caution: DO NOT PORT anywhere (except maybe the stardock,
if you are trading in your ship with all shields), or you WILL LOSE ALL
EXCESS SHIELDS above the max for your ship. From what I can tell, you
can sustain damage without losing your shields, but porting is a
definite no-no.

You can use similar techniques with corporate transfers to put large
amounts of fighters on a scout marauder (for attacking a planet with
the best odds), but you need a partner for this. The same advice
against porting applies to this as well, or you will lose the excess