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3D EGA Term for playing Trade Wars 2.0. Graphics, sound effects and animation.

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3D EGA Term for playing Trade Wars 2.0.
Graphics, sound effects and animation.
Includes, Mapper Level-Diagram mapping,
Locate Stardock, all basic term features,
and more. Get more done faster and wiser
while on-line or off. Includes it's own
easy to use script language.
From the Author of TWTRAK.

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3D EGA Term for playing Trade Wars 2.0. Graphics, sound effects and animation.
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BANDITS.BBS 781 380 deflated
FILE_ID.DIZ 306 223 deflated
MODMHELP.DOC 2049 960 deflated
ORDER.FRM 2403 618 deflated
SCRIPT.DOC 12697 4111 deflated
TERMHELP.DOC 52381 18120 deflated
TWMACROS.FIL 331 229 deflated
TWPLANET.LIB 5825 2092 deflated
TWSHIP.LIB 18492 4680 deflated
TWSTATS.MAC 216 81 deflated
TWTERM.GFX 12183 1753 deflated
TWTERM20.EXE 158731 152554 deflated
TWTMACRO.DOC 3497 1568 deflated

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Contents of the MODMHELP.DOC file

Tips on How To Configure TWTERM To Your Modem:

* It is best to start TWTERM and configure it before you log into a game
of TW.

* Use a comm program to dial into a BBS. Once there you can EXIT your
comm program and start TWTERM. Or you can SHELL to Dos from the comm
program and run TWTERM. If you are SHELLing, you may have to configure
your comm program to shell itself to EMS/XMS so TWTERM will have some
memory to work with.

* I haven't tried this, but a beta-tester reports you can use TWTERM
in LOCAL MODE by specifying a com port of 0.

* You will need to specify an IRQ in the config menu. If you don't know
what your modem is using, here are a few of the standards;

COM1 = IRQ 4 COM3 = IRQ 5
COM2 = IRQ 3 COM4 = IRQ 5

You can also try specifying an IRQ of 0 if you are not sure what your
COM port is using. If you have chosen the wrong one, usually TWTERM
won't display what comes in over the modem. Simply try another IRQ and
restart TWTERM.

* You will also need to specify a Baud rate. Usually 2400 modem users
will have no prob here. 14.4 users can specify 14400, 19200, 38400 or
57600. Use the baud rate that you connected to the BBS with in your
comm program.

I personally have experienced probs with the TW display when using 38400
or 57600. The display coming in from the modem just stops and hangs.
If you experience this, then use 19200. However before TWTERM can function
at 19200, you must call the BBS with your comm program and connect at 19200.
Connecting at 38400 in your comm program, then specifying 19200 in TWTERM
won't work.

NOTE: Sometimes the display may mess up due to line noise or by the way
the BBS has TW set up. TWTERM can do nothing about this.

Should you have any probs getting TWTERM to run correctly, then feel
free to call me at

Voice: 1-310-924-4184
Support BBS: 1-213-221-0172.
Logon with the name of "*willy boy software" for fast access.
Leave a message in conference 4 (Program Support).

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