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Plan you TV viewing with this Shareware program.
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Plan you TV viewing with this Shareware program.
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Contents of the TVTIMES.DOC file

* TVTIMES V2.0 *

Are you a TV aholic? Do you try to watch everything that looks
interesting and manage to miss it anyway? Are you always
spotting that movie you always wanted to see in the TV GUIDE
listed YESTERDAY? Well TVTIMES may be for you.

TVTIMES is a program for making a personal TV LOG. This is
primarly for TV ADDICTS. It can help help keep you from missing
those shows you always keep managing to miss.

TVTIMES manipulates two LOGS. The first, PROGRAM LOG, is for
multiply occuring programming, such as CABLE programs which tend
to be on multiple times and dates during the month, and single
occuring programs, such as network movies or documentries. The
second, SCHEDULE LOG, is for basic network regularly scheduled
programming such as 60 MINUTES aand THE TONIGHT SHOW.

The idea is the monthly CABLE guide, the PBS guide, the A&E
guide, the DISCOVERY guide, the TV GUIDE, and whatever comes in
the mail. You go through and circle all the shows you dont want
to miss. Then you use TVTIMES to create a complete log. TVTIMES
allows easy entry of programs that come on multiple times, but
on different dates and times. The log may be sorted by program
date, program name, or entry order (unsorted). The log may be
BROWSEd in order to modify or delete programs. The log may also
be printed to be left near the TV so the desired programs may
be crossed off as they are viewed or taped. The printed PROGRAM
LOG contains an 'L' column for LAST CHANCE for the last or only
occurance of a program.

The SCHEDULED LOG is similar but need be created and updated
much less often.

TVTIMES also maintains a NETWORK table, so the local channel
network relation can be maintained. This is optional, and is
only used by the PRINTed LOGS.

The PROGRAM and SCHEDULE LOG may be merged but this is not
reccomended. The reason is the PROGRAM LOG programs can easily
get 'lost' in the detailed listing. However the capability is

TVTIMES is basically designed as a monthly log, that is done
once a month. At or near the end of the month you ERASE the
LOG and enter the next months programs. TVTIMES operates best
on a monthly schedule, but can be used as desired.

Use the ADD functions to add programs to the LOGS. To delete or
modify programs use the BROWSE functions. The PROGRAM LOG is
maintained in ENTRY order, but may be SORTed to PROGRAM or DATE
order for BROWSE processing.

In ADDing programs the time convention is: am is morning, pm is
afternoon, and xm is after midnight. Thus MON 12:30x is the
same as TUE 12:30a. Often is more logical to think of something
on late at night rather than early in the morning. For SCHEDULE
ADDing, use x for days of week shown:

PROGRAM ... smtwtfs
TONIGHT SHOW ... xxxxx

The simplest way to use TVTIMES is to create a TVTIMES
subdirectory on your hard disk, copy TVTIMES.EXE into it, and
execute TVTIMES. It is completely self contained.

TVTIMES creates three file:


The files are dBASE files and can be manipulated with dBASE.

OPERATING NOTES: (some may make more sense after using TVTIMES)

If any of the .DBF files is corrupted just delete it as TVTIMES
will create a new one if none is present.

The BROWSE mode is just a little tricky. ESC or ENTER will exit
BROWSE mode although if you are modifing a field the first ENTER
'enters' the field, and the NEXT ENTER exits the BROWSE mode.
Use BROWSE mode to delete programs with ^U (CONTROL U). Use
BROWSE to remove deleted programs from the LOG with PACK-(F4)

How do you solve the MAY/JUNE delemma? You want to do JUNE but
MAY is still 'active'. At DOS, copy TVTIMESP.DBF to TVMAY.DBF,
create a new TVTIMESP.DBF (JUNE), then if it is desired to
TVTIMESP.DBF and your off. Or you can just put JUNE on the end
of MAY and delete the programs as they are viewed.

TVTIMES is written in TURBO PASCAL 5.0 and utilizes the TOPAZ
DBASE routines. I highly recommend the TOPAZ package. The
SAYGET routines alone are unbeatable for writing SLICK
PROFFESIONAL applications.

TOPAZ - The Research Group
100 Valley Drive
Brisbane, CA 94005

Mark Holgerson
3225 C st
Sacramento, CA 95816

Shareware request: 20$ (30$ includes source)

Includes: QD - Quick Directory File Manager
EPSONPAL - Multi column printmanager for
EPSON and compatable printers.
LISTDBF - List utility for dBSAE files.
MEMOPACK - dBASE program utility.
*TVTIMES - TV Program log manager.
CHASE - Mindless time wasting game.
CONCENTR - See above
And more ...

(* TVTIMES contains TOPAZ routines, which require having TOPAZ
to be able to compile)

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