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X_Wing notes and "film" found on CIS Flight Simulation forum related to the "tufguy" mission of X_Wing.
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X_Wing notes and “film” found on CIS Flight Simulation forum related to the “tufguy” mission of X_Wing.
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Contents of the TUFF_GUY.DOC file

TOD1, Mission 2 -- Playing for blood:

Total Imperial forces: 1 STD (Invincible), 3 frigates (Warspite,
Harasser 1 & 2), 10 CRVs, 2 freighters (Ruppert, Eichler), 1
shuttle, 1 transport, 50 T/Fs, 60 T/Is, 60 T/Bs.

Arrival schedule: At start is the Warspite. Then, will come the
10 CRVs and the two freighters in multiple waves. These are split
into 2 "task forces," separated by their location. Each will have
5 CRVs and a freighter. Coming in next will be the two frigates
Harasser 1 & 2. The STD Invincible will come in last. The STD's
arrival is not predetermined, but is triggered by the ID'ing of
either of the Harasser frigates. Somewhere in the process will
appear a shuttle and a transport. The STD, shuttle, and transport
do not need to be ID'ed for the mission objective.

TIE schedule: The Warspite has 20 T/Fs in waves of two. The 2
Harassers collectively have 30 T/Fs in waves of three. The
Invincible has 60 T/Is and 60 T/Bs, each in waves of six. The T/Fs
and T/Is will immediately launch as the respective motherships get
into play. The T/Bs' launch is triggered by any attack on the STD.

Procedure: Use normal combat setting (laser at max recharge,
shields at normal) to get a speed of 90. Kill one of the two T/Fs,
then ID the frigate Warspite. ID the CRVs & freighters as they
come in. Try destroying a few CRVs between the arrival of each
wave. To avoid being caught in a crossfire when hunting CRVs, pick
out a CRV on the fringe of a task force (use Map to locate one),
then store its location, using one of the Shift-F5 through 8 keys,
so you can quickly access it. When attacking the CRVs (or any
capital ships), turn both shields & weapons to max recharge.

As you are engaging the CRVs & freighters, the two Harasser
frigates will come in. DO NOT ID these frigates yet, as that would
trigger the Invincible's arrival, and things will be more hectic.
Make sure you've ID'ed all of the other ships, then move away from
the whole fleet, and destroy all T/Fs as they appear. There are 10
waves each from the Warspite and the Harassers, totalling 50 T/Fs.
After you're done with the T/Fs, then move back in to destroy the
rest of the CRVs and freighters. As a note, one CRV and the
freighter Ruppert will be destroyed on their own accord, presumably
by colliding with each other. The same will happen to the
transport. You can engage and destroy the Warspite at any time
during this process.

By now, you should have only the two Harasser frigates left. Buzz
them to get their ID, then move toward the STD Invincible as it
appears. Using normal combat setting to get a speed of 90, engage
the ten T/I waves, making sure to stay away from the STD's range.
DO NOT engage the T/Is head-on when they are still in formation.
With 24 laser bolts per volley coming at you, you will be swiss
cheese in no time flat. Approach them on an oblique course. When
you see green bolts starting to come at you, then "corkscrew"
toward the T/I's, by turning and keeping them off the center
circle, but in the same quadrant on the radar screen as you turn.
However you do it, make sure you live long enough to get in among
them and break up their formation.

After the T/Is stop coming out, move toward the STD and take a few
shots at it. It will then launch the 60 T/Bs, in 10 waves of six
each. This is the most dangerous moment of the whole mission,
because if the T/Bs can get two missiles locked onto you at the
same time, then you will most likely die, as the A-Wing's shields
cannot take 2 simultaneous missile hits. To deny them the time for
a lock, you must pounce on their formation as they are launched
from the underbelly of the STD, and kill them ASAP. You should get
2-3 kills even before the wave's arrival is announced on the status
line. At this stage, use max recharge for both lasers & shield, to
have more protection and also be slowed enough to maneuver with the
T/Bs. Do not move in a straight line for any length of time. If
you see a LOCK status, start looping. If you need time to
recharge, then leave one T/B behind and toy with it for a bit.
Stay within 1.5 klicks of the STD, and within sight of its
underbelly. If you're a tuff guy, then the T/Bs should go down
without much of an effort.

Next up on the menu is either the STD or the pair of frigates.
Let's pick the STD, since it's right next to you. You know the
routine: Go around to the end, pop off the two shield generators
(try using the mouse), and keep on pumping lead up its behind. One
word of caution here is that the Invincible has very aggressive
defensive fire, and your shields will melt in very short order. It
also has a much farther range, chasing you to 2.6 klicks out (your
lasers have a 2.05 klick range versus the STD). Be sure to not
rush things, and have patience as you chip away its armor. It
would be very bad to die now (I almost did).

In comparison, the Harassers are relatively very easy to kill, as
was the Warspite. The frigates in this mission have very weak
defensive fire, and they do not pivot to present you their
broadside. On my strafing runs, I was able to go all the way up
against the ship, before turning away to avoid a collision. You
will get a "green lock" at 1.6 klicks out. There's no weak point,
so just aim for the biggest part of the ship you see.

That's it. If you've done all this, then the mission summary
should read 187 kills. (I killed 183, the other four being the
2 TIEs, one CRV, and one freighter that killed themselves for
whatever reasons.) You are now a certified TUFF GUY. Make sure
to save the ending so you can assert your bragging rights. This
mission took me 3 hours and 15 minutes of more or less continuous
play (took time out for a leak).

Included in this archive (TUFGUY.ZIP) are this set of hints, the
TUFF_GUY.PLT pilot file which was used to finish this mission (he
got a medal and got promoted to flight officer after the mission),
and the film clip for the last few seconds of the mission. The
film shows the destruction of the 2 frigates, Harasser 1 & 2 (I got
them down to Hull Damage before rolling the film). Was going to
include the STD Invincible in there too, but overestimated the number
of hits it can take after the Hull Damage status pops up (it takes
about another 30 hits before it dies). The Warspite had expired
some time during the middle of the mission.

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