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Team Tetris (2 player).
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Team Tetris (2 player).
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by Philippe Blais
Copyright 1991-92 Cintic Systems, All Rights Reserved

Yet another Tetris clone

Have you ever dreamed of playing Tetris "with someone" and not "against

Well, it is now possible with Teamtris!

This exiting new variant of the most popular game of the world let you play
in four different modes:

o One player / small board (standard)
o One player / large board (twice as large as standard board)
o Two players / competition mode (standard two players game)
o Two player / team mode (two players on the same large board!)

When entering the game, F1 toggles the number of players and F2 chooses the
game mode you want to play and starts the game.

The scores are kept in 5 different boards according to the type of game you're

o 1 player (small board)
o 1 player (large board)
o 2 players (team - individual scores)
o 2 players (team - team score)
o 2 players (competition)

The program creates a high score file called "TEAMTRIS.HS" wich will be
located in the same directory as "TEAMTRIS.EXE"

The key mapping for the two players are:

Player #1 Player #2

Left A or
Right D or
Rotate S or or
Quick Drop or
Drop F or

The quick drop key drops the piece right down the bottom of the board (well,
at least as far it can get!) The drop key get the piece one step downward.
This feature is useful if you're not sure about the alingment of a piece or
if you just want to fill up a whole and you don't want to waste all of your
precious bonus... You'll it's use when you'll be in the action!

When playing, hitting the 'N' key toggles the "Noise" ON and OFF. To pause
the game hit the 'PAUSE' key. To continue playing, hit any key.

In two player team mode, if one of the players drops his piece on the moving
piece of the other player, the piece will get stock in the middle of the board
as if it has reached the bottom, so be careful!

Teamtris runs on color and monochrome VGA display. To start the game in
monochrome mode, type "teamtris mono" at the DOS prompt and the colors
will be ajusted to be viewable on a monochrome display.

This program is FREEWARE and has been given to the public domain on the 28th
day of October 1991. Version 2 was released the 3th of November 1991.
Donations are welcome. If you like this game, PLEASE TELL US!

Enjoy the game!

Send comments and suggestions to:

Cintic Systems

Regular mail: 56 Lefranois
Delson, Quebec,
J0L 1G0

Interet: [email protected]
Compuserve: 71640,666

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