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A golf course for Nicklaus Unlimited Golf based upon the soon to be bulldozed Tropicana Gulf Course, Las Vegas.
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A golf course for Nicklaus Unlimited Golf based upon the soon to be bulldozed Tropicana Gulf Course, Las Vegas.
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Contents of the README.TXT file

Tropicana Hotel & Country Club
Las Vegas, Nv.
Course disk
For use with Jack Nicklaus Unlimited Course and Design

Designed by Art Chevalier
Sysop-FinanciaLine BBS
4pm to 6:30am weekdays-24hrs weekends

This golf course was designed for those who wish to relive the experience
of playing the Tropicana Golf Course in Las Vegas, Nv. The course is
scheduled to be torn down in the fall of 1990 to make room for the new
theme park and hotel to be built by MGM. I hope you find the course
resembles the real thing. I think it does. From certain viewing angles on
the 9th, 14th, and 18th holes, it is possible to see the Tropicana Hotel
and the massive spires of the castle at the Excalibur Hotel.

The course is short and narrow. A good score is possible here, if you are
hitting it straight. If not, look out.

As far as I can tell, you must have the Jack Nicklaus Unlimited Course &
Design program to be able to use this course. It doesn't seem to work
with Jack Nicklaus's Greatest 18 program. If anyone finds out differntly,
let me know.

If you are playing the game from your hard disk, you can copy these files
into a subdirectory under the Jack Nicklaus directory and then when you
load the game, you will find this course as a selection.

If you want to play this course from a floppy, when you reach the screen
where you choose the course to play, type "A" and then select the course
when the selection appears.

I hope this makes sense. If not, read the #*!@)%* manual.

Good luck and happy duffing!
Look for other Las Vegas courses coming soon to a BBS near you.

Art Chevalier

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