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V1.0 of shareware game based on Light Cycles competition from movie "TRON" - extended with offensive/defensive accessories.
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V1.0 of shareware game based on Light Cycles competition from movie “TRON” – extended with offensive/defensive accessories.
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LITT.CHR 2138 955 deflated
MAINPROG.EXE 167943 60382 deflated
OPTIONS.DEF 120 63 deflated
REGISTER.FRM 1533 560 deflated
TRON.CGA 16192 1415 deflated
TRON.DOC 40145 13082 deflated
TRON.EXE 15878 8917 deflated
TRON.PLT 768 319 deflated
TRON.VGA 64000 1561 deflated
TRON1PSG.DIR 39 26 deflated
TRON2PSG.DIR 20 5 deflated
VGA256.BGI 3289 2005 deflated

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Contents of the TRON.DOC file

Version 1.0

- The NEW Light Cycles -

Copyright (c) 1992 Keith Fordham

Table Of Contents

The Adventure Begins . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3

Introduction . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4
System Requirements . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4

Tron Quick Start . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5

The Options Menu . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7
Navigating through the Menus. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7
Change Game Speed . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7
Define Keys . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7
Define Colours. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8
Computer Ability. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8
Store Items . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8

Playing the Game . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10
The General Idea. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10
Entering the Store. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10
Items and Trails. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10
One Player Games. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 11
Two Player Games. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 11
The Tie Game Problem. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 11

The Store. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12
Buying. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12
Selling . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12
Leaving . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12
What Each Item Does . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12

Registration Information . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 15

Thanks to... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 17

Page 3

The Adventure Begins

You sit down in front of your computer after a long, hard day.
You notice a new disk sitting by the keyboard. Curiosity takes
hold of you causing your depression to be thrown into the deep
recesses of your mind. You quickly boot the computer and enter the
disk into the drive. You take a directory and find the executable
file, 'TRON.EXE'. The name reminds you of something but your
memory fails you.
Soon curiosity pulls you back into the adventure and your
thirst for discovery. You begin to type in the letters :
'T'.....'R'......'O'.....'N' you hit the last character the
screen goes blank. The absence of the enter key in your typing
baffles you for only a second as the screen jumps to life.
Squares, circles, pictures of all sort appear everywhere on the
screen. Rainbows of colours fly this way and that. All of a
sudden you realize, "I only have CGA! There are more than four
colours on the scre....." Before you can complete the thought you
are yanked up off your chair. Without even time to grab hold of
something, you find yourself being sucked into the screen.
Sensations fly through your body as you are slowly digitized into
thousands of pixels. The colours stop. Darkness engulfs you and
soon you loose track of time.
Time passes. It felt like days, maybe even weeks had passed
you by but in reality you have only been trapped for minutes.
Eventually, the darkness begins to leave. Light enters the room.
You see huge, monstrous walls loom around you, the reflection of
light of their surface is your only clue to their existence.
Slowly beams of light stream out of the floor and walls. Within
minutes they encompass the walls, the ceiling, and the floor with
lines, going both horizontally and vertically, that glow of a pale
Near the centre of the far wall, two vehicles materialize.
You instantly recognize them. Thinking aloud (very loud), "Light
Cycles! Tron! Of coarse, the light cycles game from the movie
A voice responds to your outburst, echoing throughout the
room, "Light Cycles? Yes. But they are not the same as in the
movie. I can see you are puzzled. When you fight for your life in
this new, advanced version, there are more ways to fight than just
with your cycle. Occasionally a store will appear." You hear an
unidentifiable sound and you turn to see what happened. In the end
of the room stands a door. Well, more or less a vortex not a door.
Above this "door" you see a small sign that say 'Ye Olde Tron Power
Shoppe'. The voice continues, "In here you can spent the money you
earn winning games. The powers you buy will aid you in your
playing. Good Luck."
With that the voice ceased and a man, or at least what you
think is a man, appears in front of one of the light cycles. He
moves towards the cycle and mounts it. Not knowing what else to do
you run towards your cycle and get ready to play. The voice
"Level One....begin!"

Page 4


Tron is a highly developed form of the Light Cycles game from
the movie Tron. In that game you had to ride your "light cycles",
which leave a trail of light, trying to avoid and cut off your
opponent before you hit one of the walls. My version of the game
keeps these basic principles; however, in my new version I have
taken the idea further.
Instead of just running around and trying to cut off your
opponent, I have added several new ways of winning, all of which
develop from buying items from the store. In this store you can
spend your money, which you gain by winning games, to buy
everything from bombs to new light trails. There are powers which
will help you if you are in trouble and there are powers which will
help you win. All of them are fun to test and explore.

System Requirements
In order to run Tron you must have the following system

An IBM compatible machine. Preferably an AT or better but it
will run on an XT only less efficiently.
A CGA, EGA, MCGA, or VGA graphics card. If you do not own one
of these cards or a compatible card, Tron will not run!
and 256K of RAM.

Tron uses and creates several files. Below is a list of these
files and there descriptions. Most of these files are required and
Tron will not operate without them. If any of these files, with
the exception of the few that are not required, were not present in
your copy of Tron you have an incomplete version!

Filename Description

TRON.EXE Executable File, the actual game.
TRON.DOC This file*.
TRON.VGA The VGA title Screen.
TRON.CGA The CGA title Screen.
TRON.PLT Color Palette Information for Tron.
OPTIONS.DEF Option Information*.
REGISTER.FRM Registration Information and Form.
MAINPROG.EXE The main program used by Tron.
TRONSG1P.DIR Save Game Information for Single Player Games.
TRONSG2P.DIR Save Game Information for Double Player Games.
TRONSG1P.00? Individual Save Games for Single Player Games*.
TRONSG2P.00? Individual Save Games for Double Player Games*.
VGA256.BGI The Borland Graphic Interface for VGA.
CGA.BGI The Borland Graphic Interface for CGA.
LITT.CHR The Borland Little Character Set.

*These files do not need to be present. If they are not in the
current directory, Tron will create them itself. All other
files must be present to run the program.

Page 5

Tron Quick Start

This section is for those players that detest documentation
and yet do not want to jump right into the game or have jumped into
the game and did not have to much luck. This section takes you
through all of the steps you need to do in order to play the game
but does not describe everything that well. If you want a really
detailed explanation of the game please read the rest of the
First we have to load the game. In order to do this make sure
all of the files that came with the game are in the same directory
or on the same disk. Change to this directory and type TRON. If
you have any incorrect system requirements (see page 5) an error
message telling you what is wrong will appear and then the program
will abort. If you can correct the problem do so and retry. If
you got past the errors you should see a title screen. Hit enter
to bypass this screen. A menu will then appear. You should set
the options before you play the game. The defaults will work on
many systems but not all.
First, set the speed. This is a matter of personal
preference. Through trail and error and testing you should be able
to get a speed that you enjoy playing at. To change the speed
select "Change Speed" on the menu. Using the left and right cursor
you can make the game faster or slower. There is also a default
speed. This speed is what I feel is a good speed for the beginner
Next define your keys. Decide if you want to be the left or
right player. Using the Alt and Ctrl keys select the key you wish
to change. Then hit the key you want to use. When you are done
assigning the keys hit Esc to exit back to the menu. Beside the
movement keys (like Left) there are five other type keys. The
change key is used only with certain trails that will change when
you hit the change key. The function keys are used to hold the
items you buy at the store. If you want to reset them back to the
defaults just hit enter on the "Default Keys" option on the menu.
If you are using a VGA or MCGA card you can change some of the
colours on the Tron playing screen to one of the basic sixteen
colours. You can choose the colours of the light cycle trails and
the boarders.
The final aspect of Tron that you have to set is the
Computer's ability. If this is your first time playing Tron and
you are going to play against the computer and not a friend, I
suggest using Level 1. As the level increases, the computer
becomes better at playing.
The last thing on the options menu is the Store Items. This
shows you what all of the Store Items look like and what they are
called. You may want to print this out. For more information on
printing this screen or more information on any of the options
refer page 10.
Now that you have set all of the options you will want to get
into the game. Go to SINGLE PLAYER GAME and select left or right
player depending upon your preference. The only difference between
them is the side you start on, your color, and the keys that you
keys. After hitting enter, the screen change to the playing area.
Hit any key to begin play. Use your direction keys to steer

Page 6

yourself around the screen trying not to hit anything. If you live
for longer than one second you should see a counter begin to count
at the bottom of the screen. This counter represents that value of
the game. If you win, you get the amount of money on the counter.
If you choose Level 1 for the computer you should be able to beat
him quite easily buy just trying to avoid objects. Keep on playing
until you see a store appear at the bottom of the screen (it can
take several games before appearing and it will only appear at the
beginning of the game). When it does, go to it. You enter the
store by hitting it (it is the only thing in the game that you can
hit without dying).
In the store you are presented with a screen of the items
available and a menu. Hit 'b' to buy an item. Enter 1 to the next
question which will tell the computer you want to buy some STOP, an
item which stops you from moving while the other player continues.
Stop costs 1$/sec which means that for every second you stop you
have to pay one dollar. Enter how much you want to buy as the
answer the next question. It will now ask you for which function
key to store it in. Hit the key you choose for F1. If, when
changing your keys, you choice the Insert key for F1, press Insert.
Now, hit 'l' to leave the store. The screen will change back to
the playing screen. The computer does not buy items at Level 1 but
he will on higher levels. On your side of the game you should see
a stop sign with a number inside it. This number is the amount of
stop you have left.
Start the game and then hit the key you choose to activate F1.
Wow! You stopped moving while the computer kept on going. Look at
the stop sign. The number should start to count down. To start
moving again simply rehit the F1 key. If the number reaches zero
before you rehit the F1 key you will automatically restarted
moving. Play until the store reappears and then go back inside it
again. Hit 's' to sell your stop. Even if you have zero left you
still have to sell it before you can buy something different in
that function slot. If you want to buy more stop you do not have
to sell what you have just enter the amount and hit the same
function key the stop is in. You can only buy up to four items and
a trail.
When you are done playing and want to exit, just hit Escape
anytime on the playing screen and a menu will appear. You can
continue the game, save the game (oops, you can only do that in the
registered version...sorry), or quit. After quitting the game, go
back to the main menu and then hit the exit option. Hit enter and
a registration notice will appear on the screen for 10 seconds.
During this time you can read the notice and let it dwell on your
conscience. When that time has elapsed hit a key to go to DOS.
That ends the Quick Start. If you still need help refer to
the rest of the documentation. If you would rather spend the time
playing instead of reading the documentation, go to it. I will
suggest reading the documentation at some time as it contains a lot
of hints and information about the game. GOOD LUCK AND HAVE FUN!

Page 7

The Options Menu

When playing Tron there are a few aspects that you can change
to improve your enjoyment of the game. All of these are in the
options menu and they include changing the game speed, the keys,
the colours, and the computer's difficulty. You can also see all
of the extra items you can gain at the store from this menu.

Navigating through the Menus
To get through the menus you just need to know a few things.
The up and down arrows select the menu item. The Enter key
activates it. The Home key takes you to the top of the menu and
the End Key takes you to the bottom of the menu.

Change Game Speed
An important factor in the playing of Tron is the speed you
play at. Beginners may be tempted to keep the speed rather slow
but you will find that having it going a little faster is far more
enjoyable on the whole. To set the speed go to Edit Game Speed in
the options menu. If you have no idea what speed to begin at,
choose Default Speed on the menu. This speed is designed for the
beginner player.
To choose a speed directly, go to Choose Speed. The menu will
disappear and an information box will appear telling you the keys
to change the speed with. You will notice that as you use these
keys the bar graph will change in length. If you are using an XT
with no speed enhancement then you may find the game a little slow
even at the fastest speed. There is no way around this. Tron has
been developed to the point were you almost require a fast computer
to run it.

Define Keys
If you dislike the keys your side is set to, you can change
them to your own choices. Go to Define Keys in the options menu.
Choose which side you want to change. A box will appear that has
a list of all the actions required in Tron. Use the Alt and Ctrl
keys to choice the area you want to change. When the area next to
the action is highlighted, hit the key you would like to use. The
name of that key should appear next to the action or replace the
name of the old action key. Do this for all of your keys.
The change action is used to switch between the different type
of trails in your switchable trails (you can buy them in the
store). For example, if you have the Fade Trail you will start
with a Single Trail (the one you begin the game with). When you
hit your change key, the trail will change to a Dotted Trail then,
when you hit the key again, it will change to no trail at all! The
F1-4 keys are the keys you use to activate your four items (when
you have bought them).
At any point when you have all the action keys defined as you
want them, hit Esc to save your new values and go back to the
previous menu. If, when you choose a key, "Not Defined" appears,
that means that I did not give that key a name for some reason. If
you want to use it, the key will still work. Some keys on the
keyboard can not be used (for example, F11 and F12). When you hit
these keys nothing will happen, no messages appear, nothing. Just
keep on trying until you hit a key that does work.

Page 8

The computer does not care if you choose some of the same keys
as the other player. So be careful. Although (if you are bored
one day) you can have some fun by choosing similar keys for both
players. In fact, you can control both players with one set of
keys. If you ever want to return to the default keys just go to
Default Keys in the Define Keys menu. The default keys are the
keys that I have found to be the most useful in testing the
program. They are:

Left Player Right Player

Up : 'w' Up : CursUp
Right : 'd' Right : CursRight
Down : 'x' Down : CursDown
Left : 'a' Left : CursLeft
Change : 's' Change : Home
F1 : F1 F1 : Insert
F2 : F2 F2 : Delete
F3 : F3 F3 : Page Up
F4 : F4 F4 : Page Down

Define Colours (VGA/MCGA only)
You can choose a few of the colours in Tron (very few but a
couple none the less). Go to Define Colours in the options menu.
Use the left and right cursor keys to scroll through the chooses of
the colours for each of the three colour aspects you can change.
When you have chosen the colour you want hit the enter key. When
you are done choosing colours, hit the Esc key to return.

Computer Ability
When you are all alone and you want to play Tron, you must
play against the computer. The level of skill that the computer
will use is defined in the Computer Ability part of the options
menu. There is six levels, level one being the easiest and level
six the hardest. The characteristics of the levels are as follows:

Level 1 - Computer does not buy at the store.
- Computer only random turns and will turn when about
to hit a wall.
- This level is designed for beginners only!

Level 2 - Same as level one except the computer will
intelligently turn when it sees an opportunity to
cut you off or win in some way.

Level 3 - Same as level 2 with the following exceptions.
- Will buy from the store.
- Small chance that he will use these powers when he
needs them.
- Average Player should be at this level.

Level 4 - Same as level 3 with the following exceptions.
- The items that he buys at the store he will use more
often when he needs.

Page 9

Level 5 - Same as level 4 with the following exceptions.
- The computer will use the items that he buys at the
store very frequently making him extremely hard to
beat when he has the right items.
- The computer gets a head start with $100.
- This level is designed for expert players who want
a challenge.

Level 6 - Same as level 5 with the following exceptions.
- The computer will almost always use his items.
- Computer starts with $500.
- This level was only designed to give the EXPERT
player a REAL challenge. It was not designed for
to much playing. It is a good level to use when
watching the two computers fight it out.

Store Items
To see all of the items available at the store go to Store
Items in the options menu. It will pop up a graphic screen that
displays all of the items in their respective categories: Defense,
Offense, and Trails. It also lists their names which will give you
a basic idea of what they do and allows you to know what item I am
explaining in this documentation (I was unable to type the icons
into a text document!).
You may want to print this screen so that it will be handy
when you are ready this document or playing the game. If you have
a graphic printer this is an easy task to do. All version of DOS
that I have used (v3.3 and higher) come with a nice utility for
printing graphic screens. This utility is called GRAPHICS.COM.
Before loading Tron load this program (it should be on you DOS
disk). When you are on the Store Items screen hit Shift-Print
Screen. You printer will start of and in no time at all you will
have a nice replication of the screen on paper.

Page 10

Playing the Game

The General Idea
The basic principle to playing Tron is quite simple. You must
avoid hitting anything while trying to force your opponent to hit
something. Use your cursor keys to guide you through the playing
area. Whenever someone hits something the game ends and the other
player wins the round.
One of the new concepts that I have added is money. When you
are playing the game you will notice a counter in the centre of the
bottom of the screen. This counter represents the value of each
game. When you win a round you receive that amount of money for
winning. Use this money to buy items in the store.

Entering the Store
Every once in while a box will appear at the bottom of the
screen which has the word STORE on it. This is the only thing in
the game that you can hit. To enter the store simple hit one of
its sides. You have to be swift though as the store only remains
for seven seconds. The first player to get to the store gets to
buy their stuff first.

Items and Trails
When you buy items in the store (see page 15 for information
on the store and Items) you can use them during play to defeat your
opponent. There are three different types of items:

1 - Those that last for extended periods of time (eg. stop)
2 - Those that are activated instantly (eg. teleport)
3 - Those that work when they are on and then encounter a
situation were they are used (eg. crossline).

For the first type, you hit the function key that you stored
them in and then the counter on the icon will start counting down.
For example, if you have 10 seconds of stop in your first function
slot and you hit your key to activate it, you will stop and then
the counter will tick down from 10 to 9 to 8.... When the counter
reaches zero, the function immediately stop itself; however, if you
rehit the function key it will also stop. So, if you had initiated
stop and it was down to five and you wanted to continue playing,
you would just have to hit the function key it is stored in again
to stop it.
For the second type you simple hit the function key and the
item sets off. For example, if you have a teleport in your first
function and you hit the key to activate that function, you will
The third type can be a bit confusing. You must hit the
function key to turn it on and, when it is one, it will work. For
example, if you have ten crosslines and you turn the function on,
you can travel through ten line but while the function is off you
will still die when you hit them.

Page 11

The other thing you can by at the store is trails. You start
the game with a single lined trail. There are several trails in
the store which allow you to switch between two or more trails
(there are only two changeable trails in the unregistered
version!). You accomplish this with you change key. For example,
if you had bought the Fade Trail, the next time you played you
would begin with the single trail. By hitting your change key, you
will notice the trail changes to a fade trail. If you hit the key
again, it will transform into a notrail, the most powerful trail in
the game. The change key keeps on toggling the subtrails of your
changeable trail.

One Player Games
To play a game by yourself, go to One Player Tron in the main
menu. Then choose if you would like to play the left side of the
screen or the right side. The only different between the two games
is the keys that you use, the color of your trail, and the side
that you start on. Your opponent is the computer and you may set
his level of difficult in the options menu (see page 11).

Two Player Games
Tron is most enjoyable when played against a human opponent.
If you have a friend over and you want to play, simple set your
options and go to Two Player Tron in the main menu. The only
choice you have here is either to begin a new game (Play Game) or
Resume an old game. However, as this is the UNREGISTERED version
you cannot load or save games (see page 18 for registration

The Tie Game Problem
There is one problem in Tron that I have not been able to
overcome. My first versions would not allow a tie. If you both
hit each other head on or hit a wall at the same time the right
player would always win. I implemented some code to check for a
tie and not let either player win the game when it happened.
However, because of this code, a small problem has arisen. There
one point at which the two players can cross over. This can be an
annoyance at times but it can also be looked at as a neat fluke as
it will surprise you ever time.

Page 12

The Store

The store allows you to buy and sell items which will help you
win more games against your opponents. In the shareware version of
Tron (UNREGISTERED version), there are sixteen items for sale in
the store. When you decide to register you will receive a new
version with several new items.

When you select the buy option in the store, you are asked
several questions. The first asks you for the item's number.
Simple enter the number in front of the item you wish to buy. Then
you must tell the computer how much you want of the item. You can
only have a maximum of 99 for any item. If you buy more than that,
the computer simple buys enough to give you 99. The final question
asks you to hit the function key you want to store the item in.
You can only store it in an empty slot or one with that item
already in it. For example, you want to buy some more stop. You
have ten seconds already in one of your function keys. You enter
the store and you tell the computer you would like another ten
seconds of stop. When it asks you to hit the function key, hit
your key that represents the function key already holding the stop
and it will now hold 20 seconds instead of 10.

When you want to sell an item in one of your function keys,
all you have to do is hit that key. The computer will sell all of
the item. You can not sell part of an item. The only way to do
that is to sell all of it and then rebuy some of it back. You buy
and sell all items at the same price (except the stocks). In order
to buy a new item in one of your function keys, it must be empty
and you can only empty it buy selling it or using it all.

When you are done buying and selling your items, hit 'L' to
leave the store. If you are playing a two player game, your
opponent will get to go to the store next. If you are playing
against the computer, you will go back to the game screen.

What Each Item Does
Each of the items that can be bought in the store have special
tasks that can aid you in winning. All of these items are
described here. In order to learn how to use them refer to Items
and Trails on Page 13.

This item allows you to stop moving during the game. While
you are stopped the counter on the stop icon will count down
for each second you are stopped. This costs $1 for a second
of stop.

Page 13

This item will make you go slower than your opponent. It is
useful for making for accurate turns or getting through
difficult areas on the screen. This costs $2 for a second of

Fast will allow you to go faster than your opponent. Good to
jump out in front of him when he is ahead of you. Stop costs
$4 for every second.

Teleport will take you from your current position to another
random position on the screen. The position will not be in or
on a wall or line but that does not mean you will be in a
better position than you were before. One teleport costs $8.

When you have crossline on, you can cross over lines on the
screen without dying. This only works when you have the
crossline toggled on and every time you have crossed through
a wall (no matter what its thickness) you use one crossline.
A crossline costs $15.

This item shoots out a stream of oil behind you. This oil,
like anything else on the playing screen, will cause your
opponent to die when he hits it. If you need to block of a
passage, use an oil slick. Each oilslick costs $10.

As you would expect, a bomb does what a bomb normally does, it
explodes. When you hit the function key it is stored in, you
drop the bomb. The bomb will appear in the position you were
in when you hit the key and will flash with color. You can
detonate the bomb by rehiting your function key. If you do
not hit the key, it will eventually blow up by itself. Bombs
cost $20 dollars each.

Barriers throw up a wall in front of your opponent. If your
opponent is not quick enough he will stick it and you will win
the round. Barriers cost $25 each.

When you use a scrambler it will scramble your opponents
direction keys. Each scrambler will either scramble their
left and right keys or their up and down keys. You will not
know until he tries to use them again. When he does they will
be reversed. Once he uses them once they fix themselves and
will act normally after that. Each scrambler costs $30.

Bonds are items used for increasing your money only. They
have no effect on the playing of the game. Every round each

Page 14

bonds value could increase or decrease in value. If you buy
a bond when it is low in value and sell it when it is high in
value, you make money. On the stock icon there is a bar.
This bar represents the value of the bond. When the bar is
long, the stock is high in value. If the bar is short, the
stock is low in value.

Single Trail
The single trail is your normal trial. It simple leaves a
single line behind you. The single trail costs $100.

Dotted Trail
The dotted trail leaves a dotted trail behind your cycle. The
dotted trail costs $150.

Triple Trail
The triple trail leaves a thick line (three lines thick)
behind you. The triple trail costs $250.

Zig Zag Trail
The zig zag trail leaves a line that zig zags back and forth
behind your light cycle. The Zig Zag Trail costs $300.

Two Trails
This trail is a combination of the single trail and the triple
trail. When you hit you change key, it toggles between these
two trails. This trail will cost you $600.

Fade Trail
This trail is a combination of the single trail, the dotted
trail, and the notrail. The notrail is no trail. When you
travel nothing follows you. A dot will appear every once in
a while but they are infrequent. The notrail is one of the
more powerful items in the game. When you hit your change
key, your trail will toggle between the above trails. This
trail is the most expensive item in the UNREGISTERED version.
It will cost you $900 dollars.

Page 15

Registration Information

Tron is a SHAREWARE product and, as such, you are expected to
register this game if you plan to continue using it. Shareware has
become a popular means of marketing programs for programmers, and
its continued use depends on you.

BONUSES to Registering Tron
Besides all of the speel about how registering supports the
programmers and allows me to produce better products for shareware,
there are some extra bonuses for registering. If you register this
game, you will receive the newest version of Tron. This version
contains several additions to the shareware edition:

1. SAVE GAMES: The save game feature is implemented so that
you can save your games against friends. That way you
can continue playing from where you left off. Trust me
this is a BIG bonus to your playing.

2. NO MORE WAITING: All notices and delays concerned with
registering the software (like the ten second wait at the
end of the game) are removed.

3. MORE ITEMS: Several more items and trails are available at
the store. Items that allow you to teleport you opponent
and auto-piloting will be available to you.

4. STRATEGY GUIDE: Information on how to best use the items
and how to beat your opponent in playing the game. This
information has come from over 100 hours of testing. You
begin to realize small tricks after that amount of

5. FREE UPDATE: You will receive one free updated version of

With all of these bonuses you can't afford not to register.

Deluxe Version
For those of you that really loved Tron and have a little
extra to spend, there is a deluxe version you can register instead
of the regular one. This deluxe version comes with everything in
the normal registered version and :

1. AWESOME DOCUMENTATION: you will receive a professionally
printed documentation of Tron in a nice binder. The
documentation contains pictures of all the items and
other artwork.

2. CHEAT CODES: you will receive a set of codes that allow you
to operate cheat modes to increase your power of the

3. ADVANCED STRATEGY GUIDE: This guide provides all of the
information of the one received with the registered
version and some more information. The registered guide

Page 16

gives strategy learned from testing the game. The Deluxe
Guide also includes the information on playing the game
from programming it. It tells you exactly how the
computer decided his moves and many other things that you
can only know by programming the game.

4. CONTINUAL UPDATES: You will receive ALL of the following
updated version of this game and some of my newest
shareware programs.

4. MY OVERWHELMING THANKS: It is hard making money writing
shareware and by you sending the larger sum of money
makes me TWICE as thankful. In fact, I will even thank
you now if you decide to buy the DELUXE edition. THANK

How to REGISTER Tron
To register Tron simple fill out the form provided in the file
'REGISTER.FRM'. If you do not want to use this form simply include
that information in your letter on another piece of paper.
However, it is easier for me if you just print of the form and fill
it out. Make sure you include the number that flashes on the exit
screen of Tron as it gives me a lot of information I need in
registering your version.
The file 'REGISTER.FRM' has all of the information you need in
order to register. There are some personal questions in this form
that I asked (like your age). If you do not want to answer any of
these question or feel they invade your rights in any way, DO NOT
ANSWER THEM. The last thing I want to do is offend my audience.
Please feel free to place and criticism or praise in the
suggestions category. I am always curious to see how people react
to my programs. Any errors that you find in Tron, also include as
detailed a description as you can to make it easier for me to find
it when I fix it for the next version. Thanks.

Conditions of Copying Tron
Tron is copyrighted and is a shareware product. Therefor you
may copy this program (actually I WANT you to copy this program.
Give it to your friends, your neighbours, your cousins, upload it
the local boards, put it anywhere). If you do copy Tron there are
a few guidelines:

1 - It must be copied in its original form. Non of the files
can be altered or changed in any manner.

2 - You can not charge anything for distributing this product.

3 - If you upload it to a Bulletin Board System, it must be
unloading in its original archive form (TRON.ZIP).

Page 17

Thanks to...

Walt Disney For creating the movie TRON from which I
developed all of my ideas.

Rob Doncaster For testing Tron vigorously and
Jason Hunt giving me suggestion for improvement
John Peterson
Keith Gale
Scott Smith
Timothy Bartlett

Mr. Chris Flemming Special thanks to Chris who spent many hours
showing me the weak areas in Tron. It is due
to him that many of the areas of the program

are more user friendly.

All of you who For supporting my software and allowing me to
Register. continue in creating more great Shareware

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