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TOWNS Puzzle game for Windows.

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Towns v1.1 Puzzle for MS-Windows3.1
Windows version of a puzzle from OMNI
magazine. Solve it for a $5000 prize.
(bugfix only from v1.0)

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TOWNS Puzzle game for Windows.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
BWCC.DLL 151984 38102 deflated
FILE_ID.DIZ 138 120 deflated
README.TXT 2209 1024 deflated
REGISTER.FRM 998 224 deflated
TOWNS.EXE 77824 24066 deflated
TOWNS.HLP 26942 14990 deflated
TOWNS.WRI 9856 3678 deflated

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Contents of the README.TXT file

Towns v1.1 Puzzle for MS-Windows3.1
Windows version of a puzzle from OMNI
magazine. Solve it for a $5000 prize.
(bugfix only from v1.0)
"Tournament of the Towns" Puzzle for Windows
Copyright (c) 1993 by Steven Marshall
All Rights Reserved

Version 1.1


Towns is yet another puzzle designed to reduce productivity in
Microsoft Windows 3.1. In this case you are presented with the
task of removing all the marbles from the six blue squares in the
lower left corner of the playing field. This program implements a
puzzle presented by Scott Morris in the Games column of the April
1993 issue of OMNI magazine. There is a $5000 award to the first
person submitting the correct solution with the fewest finite
number of moves. See TOWNS.WRI or the on-line Help (accessed
through the right mouse button) for more information about this

System Requirements:

Hardware: A CPU capable of running Microsoft Windows 3.1

Software: Microsoft Windows 3.1.

Disclaimer: No guarantees of performance are expressed nor implied.
While Towns has been adequately tested on various
'386 and '486 systems. All have been running MS-DOS
v5.0 w/ MS Windows v3.1. While Windows is the only
explicite requirement, no guarantees are offered as
to performance on systems with differing configurations.

Packing List:

FILE_ID.DIZ - very brief description
README.TXT- this file
REGISTER.FRM - ASCII Text Registration Form.
TOWNS.EXE- Towns Puzzle Program
TOWNS.HLP- Windows Help for Towns
TOWNS.WRI- A brief introduction to Towns.
BWCC.DLL - Borland Windows Custom Control Library
(this is what makes the "pretty" grey
dialog boxes and fancy buttons)

To install, copy all of the files into a directory on your hard
disk. Read the Towns introduction by editing TOWNS.WRI document
using Windows' Write.


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