Dec 082017
Thrustmaster UPROM /WCS MKI. Function for Tornado.
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Thrustmaster UPROM /WCS MKI. Function for Tornado.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
TORN.MK1 923 253 deflated
TORN.TXT 422 260 deflated

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Contents of the TORN.TXT file

The attached file TORN.MK1 is a WCS Mk 1 UPROM file for Tornado. It uses
the rocker switch for air-to-ground weapon selection and arming, which is
much easier than using the keyboard.

Radar control is implemented on the three buttons nearest the rocker switch.
The other three buttons give you chaff, flares and weapon mode selection.

It seems impossible to program an Alt-return button for air-to-air weapons.

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