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Forty Thieves and King's Corners - two great Windows solitaire games.
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Forty Thieves and King’s Corners – two great Windows solitaire games.
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Thieves and Kings
Copyright 1992 by Paul DeWolf

send comments or questions to:

Pixel Perfect
205 West Duane Avenue
Sunnyvale, CA 94086
(408) 736-6237
CIS: 72250,3067

Version 1.00 of Thieves and Kings is distributed via
"shareware". A notice will appear when the game is
started explaining the terms and conditions of its use.

The program includes two solitaires: Forty Thieves
and Kings Corners. The rules and strategies of both
solitaires are discribed in the game under the "Help"

This file should be distributed within a set of three


If you are missing the first file, you will not be able
to run the program. If you are missing the second file,
you will not be able to run Help within the game. THIS
is the third file, so you must have it.

To install the game, copy all three files to a directory
on your hard disk, then make an icon for the game in one
of your Windows program groups (such as "Games").

There are at least a few ways to create the icon in your
program group. One is to use the program manager to locate
the THINGS.EXE file and "drag" its icon to your "Games"
program group. For more information on creating icons,
refer to your Microsoft Windows manual.

We hope you enjoy the game!

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