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Tesserect text adventure game with 'C' source code.
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Tesserect text adventure game with ‘C’ source code.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
ADV.DOC 6077 2485 deflated
MAKEFILE 103 81 deflated
MANIFEST 393 140 deflated
NOTE 158 122 deflated
PARSER.C 3949 1433 deflated
README 370 232 deflated
TESS-DEF.C 8897 3078 deflated
TESS.1 2724 1436 deflated
TESS.C 45562 12064 deflated
TESS.DOC 5733 2566 deflated
TESS.EXE 34588 19206 deflated

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Contents of the README file

BEYOND THE TESSERACT - an abstract text adventure by David Lo

Knowledge of high school physics and math concepts is necessary to
play this adventure.

readme - this file
adv.doc- philosophy
tess.doc- documentation
tess.c- main source file
tess-def.c- adventure world definition
parser.c- adventure parser

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