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Interesting new approach to games using a 123 worksheet.
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Interesting new approach to games using a 123 worksheet.
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Contents of the README file

Templates of Doom tm
by Pete Antoniak
Templates of Doom is an interactive adventure game tutorial for Lotus
1-2-3 version 1a, 2 and compatibles. This is a demonstration version
consisting of 3 of the 16 Adventure Templates, a score card and an
instruction template. Donations are NOT requested.

The player is exposed to many Lotus 1-2-3 commands in the process of
following the games swashbuckling James-Bond-type hero. The purpose
of the game is to improve one's abilities with Lotus. It challenges
both beginners and advanced players alike. The complete game cost
$39.95 plus $2.50 postage and handling, (Californian's add $2.60 tax)
and is available from:Solar Systems Software,8105 Shelter Creek,
San Bruno, CA 94066 , (415) 952-2375.
1)Load Lotus 1-2-3 release 1a or 2, VP-planner or the TWIN.
2)Retrieve the file INSTRUCT if you want to read the instructions.
3)OR retrieve the file SCORECRD if you just want to get started.
1)An order form is on the scorecard template and the text file ORDRFORM.

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