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Learn about yourself thru the use of tarot cards.
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Learn about yourself thru the use of tarot cards.
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Tarot Card Reader....

This program is designed to give you an answer to a question you may have
with "Tarot" cards. To do this, you must first ask the question. The
question can be outloud, or just asked in your mind- as long as you ask a
question. Also, you can ask the question anytime before it shuffles the deck.
Then enter the times to shuffle the deck, following by 4 numbers between 1 and
500 off the top of your head. These numbers are used by the computer to cut
the deck three times (literally cut the deck). If two numbers you pick are
too close the program will tell you it doesn't like that number.
When it finishes shuffling, you may now uncover each card individually.
On the bottom of the screen is an explanation of the position and meaning of
card. The intrepretation is left up to the user. After you are finished, you
may do another reading, quit, or print off the current reading. This will show
each card as picked and then give the corresponding explanation afterward.
The questions asked should not be "Yes or No" question, but instead talk
about something. For example, you may ask the deck to talk about your love
life. But you could not ask whether or not you will fall in love in the next
The hardest part of tarot cards, is interpreting and believing what they
say. I have found that tarot cards do not lie, but a person will lie to
themselves as to what they cards mean. Also the cards are not very specific
about their meaning. This is one reason why they are seldom wrong- there can
be different ways to interpret a card. I would lay odds, however, that if
the cards so the final outcome in your next or present relationship is the
devil card (evil, catastrophe, etc.), that your relationship will not end up
well. As I said, the cards do not lie, we just choose to ignore or interpret
them in our own way.
This program is meant entirely for fun. The author admits to a relation
between tarot and the occult, but denies any attempt to further occult. Any
event or action that occurs because of this program is the fault of the user.
The author takes no responsibility nor liability to what happens as a result
of using this program. Use it at your own risk!
But above all, enjoy this and take it with a grain of salt.

Any questions, comments, complaints, or compliments, please write:

The Prophet
5109 Paw Paw Lk. Rd.
Coloma, MI 49038

Thank you.

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