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Pretty Neat Tank game.
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Pretty Neat Tank game.
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T a n k v s T a n k

(C) Copyright 1989 Jonathan Trainer

Tank vs Tank was originally just something to
do in my spare time. It was an experiment in writing
a text graphics arcade game. It turned out better than
I had expected so I decided to make it available to the
public and find out what you thought. So here it is!

There are two tanks involved on the screen: a black
tank which is controlled by player one; and a red tank
that is controlled by player two or by the computer--depending
on your decision. You will be prompted for the number of
players desired, and you will choose one or two. The controls
for the tanks are quite simple:

for the black tank:

| up

left <-- --> right

| down

Ins shoot

for the red tank:

W up

left A S shoot D right

X down

Esc will quit the game for both tanks.

The battle field is a grid which is 11 x 7 squares.
There are several different colors representing terrain
on the screen:

green: harmless, it is just a clump of brush.
tan: harmless, it is sand or dirt.
blue: harmful, inflicts five pts./turn
it is water, and staying in
it slowly rusts your tank.
gray: harmless, bridges help you to cross
the water without rusting your tank.

There are two ways to play Tank vs Tank. The first is
against the computer or computer tank. If your are playing
one player, the red tank is the computer tank and you are the
black tank. In the one player game the red tank is a superior
tank. It can shoot three squares instead of your meager two,
and it is water proof. Meaning it does not need to use the

The two player game is more of an equal fight. The players
will have to rely more on strategy than on advantage. Both
tanks are of equal strength and can only shoot two squares.
In addition to that neither of the tanks are water-proof.

A complete game is to 100. Each successful shot gives you
five points. Each turn you spend in the river gives your
opponent five points. You can shoot your enemy at any time
except when both tanks are in the same grid(when only one tank
is showing). Until one of the tanks leaves the square, the
movents of the tanks will interfere with the others. This
is because the tanks are up agaist one another.

This is all there is so have fun!

If you find this program enjoyable and plan on
using it in the future your contribution of $10 will
be appreciated.

Please send to:

Jonathan Trainer
588 Timber Ln.
Frankfort, Il.

. . . Thanx

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