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Scenery file of Sydney, Australia for MS FS 4.0.
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Scenery file of Sydney, Australia for MS FS 4.0.
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Contents of the SYDNEY1.DOC file

SYDNEY Flight Region - v1.0a
For use with:

Microsoft Flight Simulator V4.0 and
Aircraft & Scenery Designer

Designed by:
Andrew McLean,
VFR Private Pilot, 141 hours

The SYDNEY Flight Region has been designed using data extracted from the
Sydney WAC, VTC, ERSA and includes:
Mascot, Bankstown, Hoxton Park and Camden airports.

The regions FS4 coordinates start at 3000 east, 3000 north.

Airport Data:
Sydney International (Kingsford Smith) - Primary Airport
ELEV 21 feet
RWY 16/34, TORA 3962 metres, WID 45 metres
RWY 07/25, TORA 2529 metres, WID 45 metres
VOR/DME 115.4
ILS 16 109.5
ILS 34 110.1
ILS 07 109.9
Features: Main terminal building, 3 stationary Boeing 767-300's,
control tower, cargo Building, wind socks, approach lighting and
major taxi ways for 16, 34 and 07.

Bankstown - General Aviation airport
ELEV 29 feet
RWY 11/29L, TORA 1042 metres, WID 45 metres
RWY 11/29C, TORA 1111 metres, WID 45 metres
RWY 11/29R, TORA 1100 metres, WID 18 metres
RWY 18/36, TORA 1018 metres, WID 18 metres (not in use)
NDB 416
Features: Aircraft workshop, control tower, wind socks, NDB tower, lighting
RWY 11/29C. No taxi ways or hangars yet.

Hoxton Park - Public AD
ELEV 135 feet
RWY 16/34, TORA 1098 metres, WID 30 metres
Features: Two club buildings, two static C182's, foot hill ahead of 16, trees
to the right of RWY 16. All taxi ways.

CN -
Camden - General Aviation airport
ELEV 230 feet
RWY 06/24. TORA 1464 metres, WID 30 metres
RWY 10/28, TORA 663 metres WID 30 metres, (grassed brown silt clay)
NDB 281
Features: All hangars, three static C182's, control tower, NDB tower,
wind sock, all taxi ways, fuel bowsers, my car and a friends car
parked next to a tree, lighting RWY 06.24.

Syndey city:
Harbour Bridge, Opera House, Port Jackson, The Sheraton, Maratime
Services Board, Ferry terminals, apartment blocks.

Other features: Sydney shore line and harbour from Stanwell Park to Newport.
The Blue Mountains. 2FC broadcasting tower which is an inbound reporting point for
Bankstown on 576 KHz. Warrick farm race course (the light green
splodge) which is a reporting point once inside BK control

Airports not designed yet:
Richmond Military Base, Schofields General Aviation Airport.

About this release:
The release is intended to introduce FS4 pilots to the Sydney, Australia.
Apart from the bugs discussed below, all airports, distances and objects
are accurate and designed to scale.

BUGS: - The Blue Mountains to Sydney's west are not show as the AS&D allows you
to draw the mountains but once saved they will not display. A bug in
the AS&D.
- All headings are advanced by 30 degrees clockwise. This is a real
problem since the ILS and VOR's will guide you on an incorrect track.
During the course of design, the heading slowly drifted out. The first
object to be laid in the design was RWY 16 at MASCOT. This runway was
perfectlt aligned to its actual heading of 156 degrees. Once the
design work was completed it was found that the runway now faced
199 degrees. A bug in the AS&D.

Release V1.1a:
- Roads, piplines, rivers and more VFR landmarks
- The heading problem should be corrected. It may mean starting again!
- More city buildings including Centerpoint Tower
- Kernel Oil refinery Tanks
- Richmond and Schofields airports
- The Blue Moutains Completed once the bug is worked out.
- Taxi ways and hangars for Bankstown
- The completion of the domestic terminals at Sydney International
- NDB and LOCATOR for Sydney International

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