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Strategy/arcade/graphics CGA game.
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Strategy/arcade/graphics CGA game.
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Contents of the READ.ME file

Raymond F. Genovese

Kick the computer's butt! Either destroy all the movable pieces
or get the general. It's real easy to play but you need a CGA or

Type SW

Arrow keys move.
Enter selects (picks up and puts down a piece).
ESC cancels move.
For joystick, fire=enter etc.

Position your pieces by either selecting a prearranged format or
selecting each piece and individually placing it on your side of
the board. If you select a formation you can customize the setup
(hit F10 to end). Your pieces can't be on the middle row!! If
you can't move, you have to resign -hit F5. F1 will show you
which of your pieces have been seen by the computer (a battle
exposes your piece). The computer does not cheat! Attack on the
forward only (face to face)!!

Trooper=moves, medium power.
Warrior=moves, high power.
Specialist=moves, low power.
Barrier=stops anybody for a while.
Atomizer=destroys anybody except specialists.
Missles=launch them with the arrow keys + enter.
General=low power, but you loose when destroyed!!

I hope you enjoy it and comments are always welcome--I'm on a lot
of the DC/Maryland boards.

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