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Super Maxit is a strategy board game of numbers with several board styles that may be selected from.
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Super Maxit is a strategy board game of numbers with several board styles that may be selected from.
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Contents of the SUPERMAX.DOC file


Version 2.30

Written by: Joe Paris
Member of the
Association of Shareware Professionals

Copyright 1990-1991 Expert Source Code, Inc.
All Rights Reserved.


Last update: September, 1991

| Table of Contents |

Program Requirements. . . . . . . . . . . . . 2

Program Description . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2

Packing List. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3

Release and Update History. . . . . . . . . . 3

Expert Source Code, Inc. Shareware Catalog. . 4

Program Registration. . . . . . . . . . . . . 7

ASP Ombudsman Statement . . . . . . . . . . . 7

Programming Tools . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8

Shareware Version Distribution. . . . . . . . 8

Trial Use (Shareware Version) Warranty. . . . 9

Registered Version ONLY Warranty. . . . . . . 9

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Program Requirements:

Super Maxit requires an EGA card and monitor. It runs in 640x350x16 EGA
graphics mode. It requires about 200K of disk space and about 256K of free
memory (RAM).

Program Description:

Super Maxit is a strategy board game of numbers. There are several board
styles that may be selected from. Each board consists of raised tiles that
contain either a positive of a negative number. Using the cursor keys the
player moves the highlight box (left and right for player one and up and down
for player two) to the desired number tile, then presses enter to select it.
Play continues back and forth until either there are no more tiles to take or
a player cannot make a move. The player with the highest score at this point
wins. Please note that a black space within a board serves as an obstruction
and can not be crossed over.

Some of the features of Super Maxit include:

* Fantastic EGA graphics.

* One or two players.

* A wide variety of board styles.

* A top 10 scores list.

* Demo mode.

* Hint function.

* Cheat function.

* Sound toggle.

* On-line rules and instructions.


There are several command line switches that work with Super Maxit. Use
one of the following three command switch examples to display a help

EXAMPLE 1: C:\>supermax h

Super Maxit Documentation Page 2 of 9.

EXAMPLE 2: C:\>supermax ?

EXAMPLE 3: C:\>supermax /

Packing List:

The complete Super Maxit shareware package should contain the following
files. Please ensure that each file is present. If any of these files are
missing then the package is not complete and is not sutiable for distribution
to others. The complete package may be obtained directly from Expert Source
Code, Inc. of by downloading the latest version from ESC BBS.

File Name Description of File
------------ ---------------------------------------------
SUPERMAX.EXE - The Super Maxit exectuable program file.

SUPERMAX.DOC - The Super Maxit documentation file.

OVERLAY.EXE - The Super Maxit Overlay File.

SUPERMAX.FRM - The Super Maxit registration form.

Release and Update History:

1.00 - Initial release.

1.10 - Joined the Association of Shareware Professionals (ASP) and upgraded
program and documentation file to reflect this change. Improved tile
selection marker visibility.

2.00 - Complete rewrite of interface. Added a two player mode. Added
several different board styles. Changed registration reminder screen
and program printed registration form. Complete rewrite of program

2.10 - Fixed minor problems. Changed registration form and registration
reminder screens.

2.20 - Changed registration form and registration reminder screen to reflect
new pricing structure. Add registration code ability. Changed
program documentation.

2.30 - Add top 10 list.

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Expert Source Code, Inc. Shareware Catalog

AGGRESSION - Written by: Thomas B. Hardy
Aggression if a unique board game that combines some of the aspects
of checkers and backgammon. The object is to get all of your pieces
from their starting side to the opposite side of the board before your
opponent does. Pieces are moved one square at a time and if you can
suround one of your opponents pieces on both the left and right side
then that piece is transported back to the starting line. Aggression
supports 1 or 2 players and has four levels of computer play. There
are five different starting positions and the graphics are excellent.
Aggression requires an EGA card and monitor and a mouse.

APPLES & ORANGES - Written by: Charles A. Hardy
Apples & Oranges is a unique twist on the old "Othello" style board
game. It uses pictures of apples and oranges as the playing pieces.
This makes for a very colorful and pleasing playing board. The object
of the game is to capture as many of your opponents pieces as possible.
This is done by flanking your opponents piece or pieces on two sides in
a line. For example by surounding your opponent diagonally, vertically,
or horizontally. When captured, the pieces change from your opponents
piece to your piece. The player with the most pieces at the end of the
game wins. Apples & Oranges supports 1 or 2 players and has three
levels of computer play. Apples & Oranges requires an EGA card and
monitor and a mouse.

DRAW POKER - Written by: Charles A. Hardy
Draw Poker is a solitaire version of the popular card game. It is a
betting game with the payoffs for each hand listed on the screen.
You make your bet, discard any unwanted cards and click on "DRAW" to
receive new cards and see if you have won. Draw Poker is a single
player game and features a top ten list of the highest money winners.
Draw Poker requires an VGA card and monitor and a mouse.

EXPERT TOOLS - Written by: Thomas B. Hardy
Expert Tools are the utilities that Norton forgot. It contains over
a dozen utilities such as XRD (remove directory and all files and sub-
directories in that directory), XFIND (find a file or duplicate files
accross all of your drives), etc. Expert Tools also comes with a shell
program so that the utilities can be run from the command line or from
the shell.

FLORIDA LOTTERY - Written by: Charles A. Hardy
Florida Lottery is a lottery number picker and tracker for all of
Florida's on-line lottery games. It picks number for CA$H 3, PLAY 4,
FANTASY 5 and LOTTO with lottery balls "popping up" onto the screen or
by displaying a filled-out lottery card. It has a complete history and
frequency listing of all numbers picked in the FANTASY 5 and LOTTO
games. Florida Lottery support color text graphics and EGA graphics.

Super Maxit Documentation Page 4 of 9.

GOLF SOLITAIRE - Written by: Charles A. Hardy
Golf Solitaire is a single player card game. The object is to play all
of the cards in the stacks. Cards can be played in either assending or
desending order and suit doesn't matter. It sounds easy, but it is very
hard to win. Complete game history is display on-screen and there is a
top 10 list of the winners with the most cards left in their unturned
deck. Golf Solitaire requires an VGA card and monitor and support both
a keyboard and a mouse interface.

MASTER MIND - Written by: Charles A. Hardy
Master Mind is the classic game of logic and deduction. The object
of the game is to guess which piece goes in which position. Master
Mind uses pictures of fruit as the pieces and keeps the last 20 trys
on the screen. You can select to guess at 5 to 7 positions, from 5
to 9 pieces of fruit and whether or not duplicates are allowed. There
is also a hint and a answer function for when you get frustrated.
Master Mind is a single person game and there are three levels to choose
from. Master Mind requires an VGA card and monitor and a mouse.

MATCH'EM - Written by: Charles A. Hardy
Match'em is a concentration style game. The game is played on a 8 by 8
grid of raised buttons. When a button is clicked on it displays the
picture underneath which you then have to try to match. Points are
awarded at one for the first correct pair and two for each consecutive
correct pair. You can choose to play with 16 (four of each picture) or
32 (2 of each picture) pictures under the 64 buttons. When a match is
made the associated buttons are inverted and are no longer valid moves
for the rest of that game. Match'em supports 1 or 2 players and has 3
levels of computer play. Match'em reguires an EGA card and monitor and
a mouse.

MINE FIELD - Written by: Charles A. Hardy
Mine field is an excellent game of deduction. Your job is to clear a
field of all of the mines. Fortunately, you know how many mines are
in the field and your have a mine detector which will tell you how many
mines are in the surounding squares. You may clear the field by step-
ping (clicking with the left button) on all of the squares that you
think are unoccupied or bye marking (clicking with the right button)
all of the spots that you think contain a mine or and combination there
of. Then you step on a space, and it isn't a mine, the square is
removed and displays the ground underneath. The square will also dis-
play the number of mines in the surounding nine squares. There is a
counter at the top of the screen to let you know how many mines you
have yet to find. But be careful, because marking a wrong spot as a
mine can be deadly for your confidence. Mine Field is a single player
game with 15 different board to choose from including a castle, a
pyramid and a Batman logo. Mine Field requires an VGA card and monitor
and a mouse.

Super Maxit Documentation Page 5 of 9.

SUPER MAXIT - Written by: Joe M. Paris
Super Maxit is an graphical version of the clasic maxit number game.
The object of the game is to take the highest numbered piece and leave
your opponent the lowest numbered or negitive value piece. One player
moves vertically and the other player moves horizontally. The game end
when all of the pieces are taken or a player can't move. Super Maxit
features hint, undo, cheat demo and top 10 functions that add a lot to
the games playability. Super Maxit support 1 or 2 players and has over
ten different playing board to choose from. Super Maxit requires an EGA
card and monitor.

Super Maxit Documentation Page 6 of 9.

Program Registration

Super Maxit is marketed under the Shareware concept. This means that
you get to try the software before your bye it to make sure it is right for
you. Please feel free to test Super Maxit. If you like and use this
program then please support our efforts and register it. The program is
registered by sending in the registration form and appropriate fee. Or if
you wish to register with a VISA or MASTERCARD then your may send in the
form as above or E-Mail us the order form or you may register on-line by
calling the ESC BBS at (407) 699-8258 and typing "ORDER" at the main menu
prompt. Registration of Super Maxit includes the following:

* A copy of the latest version of Super Maxit.

* A registration name and code that can be used to change future
shareware versions of Super Maxit into registered versions.


* Unlimited product support.

Expert Source Code, Inc. may be contacted for orders or questions by the
following methods.

* By calling ESC BBS (The home of Expert Source Code, Inc.) at (407)
699-8258 (9600 Courier HST - 24 hours a day - FREE ACCESS) and leaving
a "C"omment to the SYSOP.

* Via E-Mail to: CompuServe - 72711,2035
Prodigy - FGTD17A
GEnie - C.HARDY7
Delphi - ESCINC

* By U.S. Mail to: Expert Source Code, Inc.
Post Office Box 180519
Casselberry, FL 32718-0519

ASP Ombudsman Statement:
____|__ | (tm)
--| | |-------------------
| ____|__ | Association of
| | |_| Shareware
|__| o | Professionals
-----| | |---------------------
|___|___| MEMBER

This program is produced by a member of the Association of Shareware Pro-
fessionals (ASP). ASP wants to make sure that the shareware principal

Super Maxit Documentation Page 7 of 9.

works for you. If you are unable to resolve a shareware-related problem
with an ASP member by contacting that member directly, the ASP may be able
to help. The ASP Ombudsman can help you resolve a dispute or problem with
an ASP member, but does not provide technical support for members' products.

Please write to the ASP Ombudsman at:

ASP Ombudsman
545 Grover Road
Muskegon, MI 49442-9427

or send a CompuServe message via CompuServe MAIL to ASP Ombudsman at

Programming Tools:

Super Maxit was written using the following software:

* Turbo Pascal 6.0 by Borland International.

* Expert Software Tools by Expert Source Code, Inc.

* GX Development Series by GENUS Microprogramming.

* TechnoJock's Turbo Toolkit by TechnoJock Software, Inc.

Shareware Version Distribution:

Super Maxit is NOT a public domain program. It is Copyright 1990-1991
by Expert Source Code, Inc. All rights reserved.

ASP approved vendors may distribute Super Maxit on disk, on a CD-ROM
and as part of disk sets as long as they meet all of the ASP guidelines and
that the version that is distrubuted isn't over a year old. This version is
dated September, 1991. If this version is outdated then please contact us
for a more recient version.

Other vendors may distribute Super Maxit as long as the following con-
ditions are met.

* All of the files listed in the Packing list section are included in
the distribution.

* The person receiving the copy of Super Maxit package is made
aware that he or she does not become a registered user until
Expert Source Code, Inc. has received payment for the registration
of the software and that this is only an evaluation version.

Super Maxit Documentation Page 8 of 9.

* The Super Maxit package cannot be modified in any way and cannot
be "rented" or "leased" to others.

* The maxium distribution cost doesn't excede $10.00 in the USA and
US$12.00 internationally.

* The version being distributed isn't over a year old. This version is
dated September, 1991. If you need a more up to date version please
contact us.

* Permission is required from Expert Source Code, Inc. However, if you
meet all of the other criteria and because permission is routinely
granted you may begin distributing Super Maxit package immediately
after sending in your request. Also, we would appreciate it if you
would put us on your mailing list for your catalog.

Trial Use (Shareware Version) Warranty:

The Shareware evaluation (trial use) version is provided AS IS. Expert
Source Code, Inc. makes no warranty of any kind, expressed or implied,
including without limitation, any warranties of merchantability and/or
fitness for a particualr purpose.

Registered Version ONLY Warranty:

Expert Source Code, Inc. warrants the physical diskette(s) provided with the
registered versions to be free of defects in materials and workmanship for a
period of sixty days from the date of the registration. If Expert Source
Code, Inc. receives notification within the warranty period of defects in
materials or workmanship, and such notification is determined by Expert
Source Code, Inc. to be correct. Expert Source Code, Inc. will replace the
defective diskette(s). In no event will Expert Source Code, Inc.'s
liability for any damages to you or any other person exceed the registration
price actually paid for the license to use the software, reguardless of any
form of claim. Expert Source Code, Inc. specifically discalims all other
warranties, expressed or implied, including but not limited to, any implied
warranty of merchantability and/of fitness for a particular purpose.

Super Maxit Documentation Page 9 of 9.

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