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Super Ball - 256 color VGA game, similar to Arkanoid. Very good game.
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Super Ball – 256 color VGA game, similar to Arkanoid. Very good game.
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Super Ball!
"The ultimate ball and paddle game"

by Raoul Said


Minimum System: 286 VGA

This program is free! Feel free to distribute and copy this program
as often as you like. I hope you find this game enjoyable and
most of all addictive.

If you are interested in getting a little more action read on:

Become a registered player. You get:

+ Secret code for mysterious hidden level
(full of suprises).

+ Pro scoring secrets.

+ Technical and developmental information on
Super Ball!

+ Latest info on next video game release.

Registered Player: $5

Order Super Ball! Deluxe version. You get:

+ The registered player package.

+ 10 more crazy levels of action packed fun.

+ More mystery levels full of surprises.

+ New exciting Power Ups which increase ability.

+ Several new colorful background pictures.

+ A grand finale that will blow you away!

Super Ball! Deluxe: $10 + $2 shipping
Mail All Orders To:

Raoul Said
P.O. Box 2005
Corvallis,OR (USA) 97339

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