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Flashes message across screen as name implies.
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Flashes message across screen as name implies.
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* *
* *
*Copyright FERDWARE(tm), 1985 *

This is a memory resident program that display 'subliminal' messages
on the screen. Unfortunately, the minimum turnaround time on the
standard c/g and monochrome adapters is too long to enable the message
to be completely invisible. A short blink will be seen on the screen
whenever the message is displayed. The program has been tuned to re-
duce the intrusiveness as much as possible.

To invoke the program, type:


A sign on message will appear and, a few seconds later, the subliminal
text will begin to appear regularly at the top of the screen, approx-
imately centered.

The program disables itself if it sees any video modes besides c/g
adapter text modes, or monochrome mode.

The program is well-behaved with respect to use of interrupts, so
multiple copies may be run without problems. This allows a
series of messages to be displayed. One message will be displayed
at the end of each waiting interval.


This program was written in assembly language and assembled with
the Microsoft(tm) Macroassembler, vs 4.0. If you like the program and
find it useful, any contribution would be appreciated.
Source code is available on disk in IBM compatible DSDD FORMAT.
A fee of $20.00 is charged for source code, to help cover costs.
Disks may be ordered from:

F. Meyer
17740 Mc Kinnon Dr.
Saratoga, CA 95070

This program copyright 1985, by F. Meyer. A FERDWARE(tm) product.
Permission is granted to distribute this program freely, as long as
all files are distributed together and unaltered, and no charge is
made for such distribution.

The author of this program makes no guarantee of its fitness for any
purpose and disclaims all liability for any and all damages resulting
from, or related to, the use or distribution of this program.

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