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A war strategy game like the board game Stratego. Shareware.
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A war strategy game like the board game Stratego. Shareware.
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Contents of the STRATEGY.DOC file




"A Game Of Strategy"

Version #1.0

(C) 17/1-1991
Henrik Hoexbroe

This program is ShareWare (SW).
This program is copyright by Henrik Hoexbroe.

You are allowed to freely copy and dsitribute this program, provided
you do not make changes to any of the files from this package.
You may not charge any money for this program, except for the cost
of disks and distribution.

As this is a ShareWare product, you will need to register, if you
use the program on a regular basis. Please support my efforts, so
I can increase my range of strategic wargames.
Please look at end of this DOC, to see how to register.

This program is distributed "as is" with no guaranties of any kind.
The author is not responsible for any damage occured by the use -or
the inability to use- this program.

Well, that ought to take care of THAT part.

And now, for something completely different: How to play STRATEGY!

STRATEGY is a strategic wargame for two players. The computer will
take one side, and you the other. It is based on the rather well-known
"STRATEGO" boardgame. (Well anyway, thats what it's called in Denmark.)

You will need a PC/XT/AT computer with at least 640 KB RAM and a
VGA-card (Also some EGA-cards, which support 640*480*16 can be used!)
The program also supports mouse operation, but that is not necesarry
to run this program. (But preferable)

All the files needed in STARTEGY:

STRATEGY.EXE The main program.
STRATEGY.DOC The file you are reading now.
SPRITES.DTA Various data-files...

(The size of the STRATEGY.EXE-file should be: 114320 bytes.)

And now, to the game:

There is four levels of difficulty, which must be choosed before the
games starts. The levels are selected either by clicking on them with
the mouse, or by pressing "1", "2", "3" or "4".

You can toggle the sound on and off, by pressing "S" at any time.
To start STRATEGY without sound, simply type STRATEGY -S when you
start the game from the command-line.

You can also toggle the mouse on and off. (STRATEGY chooses the
mouse by default, if it finds that you have already loaded a
mousedriver.) To toggle mouse operation, press "m".

If you like to watch, you can select the DEMO-mode, and let the
computer play alone. Again, Demo- or Player-mode is selected by
clicking on them. If you use the keyboard, you must press either
"D" or "P".
Note: Regardless of the level you select, the blue demo-player will
allways play at the "Beginner" or "Easy" level!

To start the game, after choosing difficulty level, click on "PLAY",
or press "ENTER".

You can QUIT the program by clicking on "QUIT", or by pressing "Q".

Each player is given 40 pieces. The first step is to set up the pieces
in a strategic order. Neither of the players (You and the computer) can
see the opponents pieces, so you will have to make a really flexible
setup, in order to respond to whatever the computer comes up with.
Note: At the "Beginner"-level, all pieces is seen by the player, thus
making the setup easier.

When all of your 40 pieces has been deployed, the game will start as
soon as you click on "GO" or press "G".

The game continues with each player moving one piece at a time, until
one of the flags is taken. The player to first take the opponents flag
has won!

There is 12 different pieces in STRATEGY, and these are:

No.: Pieces: Type: Text:
1) 6 Bombs Kills everybody, except Enginners (10).
2) 1 FLAG Protect your own, and capture the opponents.
3) 1 Field Marshall The strongest piece. Can be taken by (12) though!
4) 1 General Not as strong as (3).
5) 2 Colonel Not as strong as (4).
6) 3 Major Not as strong as (5).
7) 4 Captain Not as strong as (6).
8) 4 Leutennant Not as strong as (7).
9) 4 Sergent Not as strong as (8).
10) 5 Engineer Not as strong as (9). Removes bombs!
11) 8 Scout Not as strong as (10).
12) 1 Spy Can't beat anybody, except the Field Marshall!

All units can only move ONE square. Bombs and flags can't move at all!
Note: Even though the Spy can take the Field Marshall, it can be taken
itself, by the Field Marshall; Of the two, the attacking piece will
allways win!

To start a battle, you simply move one of your pieces to a square
occupied by an opposing piece. The weakest of the two, will be removed
from the board.

If two equal pieces do battle, both are removed from the board.

You can also SAVE the game to disk. This is done by pressing the F1
function key, or by clicking the mouse on "SAVE" in the lower right
corner of the screen. If you do so, the program will save your current
game, and end. The saved game is then loaded automatically, when you
start STRATEGY the next time.

A game can be deemed over as a draw, if there is no more Engineers, and
both of the Flags are covered by Bombs.

The game is also a draw, if none of the players can move.

Well, that oughtta do it, you should now be able to play STRATEGY.

E N J O Y ! ! !


If you would like to register this ShareWare product, please read on:

Registration fees are: US/world: $ 10,--

Scandinavia: KR 50,--

For your registration fee, you will recieve the newest copy of the
program, with your registration number and name.

Please send your mail to: Henrik Hoexbroe
Brunnichesvej 6
3100 Hornbaek

(Please make checks payable to Henrik Hoexbroe.)

All comments, critics and bug-reports are also very welcome.
I can also be reached NetMail on FidoNet 2:231/15.17.

I would also like to thank the EMS Shareware Distribution Network.
-whose sounds and GIF utils this program uses.

The history of STRATEGY:

Version 1.0 released November 26th.

Version 1.1 released January 17th. There was something wrong with the
mouse detection-routine; The game couldn't run in DEMO-mode without a
mouse-driver loadet resident. At the same time, some other mouse-
support adjustments was made. No change in gameplay though.


If you find STRATEGY interesting, you should try my other games:

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in WW II. Covers the whole campaign up to december 1944.
---English version should be released around February.

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Small unit tactics on the eastern front, during WW II.
Including 3 scenarios.
---Possibility for Play-By-Mail games.

TITANMAN (640*480*16 VGAhi)
Pac'ked with stuff...
Featuring 6 different mazes, and lots of
---Public Domain.

DESERT FRONT (320*200*256 MVGA)
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Rommel vs. Monty.
From El Aghelia to El Alamain.
---Arrive Spring 1991.

WW II Wargame adventure. Featuring 3D graphics.
Based on the book by Colin Forbes.
---Arrive Fall 1991.

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