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Stellar Defense v2.0 256 VGA Space Action Arcade Game.

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256 VGA Graphics! You're a Lagarian Star
Fighter in a desperate fight to save your
galaxy from the relentless onslaught of the
Yarian invaders. Pilot your ship in a free
movement spectrum out-maneuvering your
opponents in a series of Yarian conflicts by
dodging raytraced asteroids and your
opponents attacks. From Locatha Industries
& Shareable Software Int'l.

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Stellar Defense v2.0 256 VGA Space Action Arcade Game.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
ASTROID.DAT 632924 205959 deflated
DEATH.DAT 33800 29125 deflated
DESC.SDI 61 61 stored
FILE_ID.DIZ 426 292 deflated
FIRE.DAT 29376 10634 deflated
INTRO.DAT 62966 40865 deflated
KARATE.DOC 525 327 deflated
OBJS.DAT 16986 1270 deflated
ORDER.DOC 1821 828 deflated
SCORES.DAT 100 54 deflated
SDC.DAT 5 5 stored
SDII.DOC 6902 3127 deflated
SDII.EXE 303744 80648 deflated
SPACE.DAT 26592 17204 deflated
STARY.DAT 10020 4864 deflated
SYSOPS.DOC 1446 675 deflated
VENDOR.DOC 7403 2917 deflated

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Contents of the KARATE.DOC file

Locatha Industries next game (due early Summer '93), is Karate Quest.
We have made a demo KQDEMO.ZIP available as a preview. There is also a
large version of the demo exceeding 11 megabytes (!!) available. Look for
KQDEMO.ZIP on a BBS near you for the small version and KQDEMO2.ZIP for the
large version. The large version is available from Runway BBS, Conference 77
Shareable Software International at 215-623-7203, and from Locatha Industries
BBS at 904-241-6301.

Watch for the release of KARATE QUEST!!!!!

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