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Startrek type Game.
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Startrek type Game.
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Contents of the STARTREK.DOC file


This version of Star Trek is a 3-D version. There are some new
codes for travelling from level to level. The first 10 keys are
straight Function keys 1 thru 10. The other keys are used with

NAV - Navigation. You may navigate any direction but straight up
or straight down. To navigate up or down a level, at the Course
prompt, enter a "+" to go down a level or "-" to go up a level. You
will then be returned to the Course prompt. Enter the course just as
if you were going straight. You will then go diagonally in the course

PHA - Phasers.

TOR - Torpedoes. Photon Torpedoes are aimed at the direction as
if it were a course. There is a blind spot between course 8 and
course 1.

SHE - Shields.

DAM - Damage Control.

COM - Computer. If you look at the galactic map, entering + or -
will raise or lower you one galactic level so you can see what's

SEC - Security Report. If there is a traitor on board, it will
be one of the crew list seen at the start of the program. You won't
know until you try a security report. The security team is not always
right. If you disipline a member of the crew, and he/she is not the
traitor, they could kill themselves.

DIS - Disipline. This section is the Execution squad for the
captain. whoever he says kill, is killed. Be careful, if you kill too
many the crew might mutiny.

HLP - Get help for any of the keys listed above and the END key

END - Quit and start another game or return to DOS

Control keys

Key 1
RESET - Resets the screen console in case of mistakes.

Key 2
STOP - Cold stop and return to DOS

Key 3
FALSEDOS - Allows you to do anything you could do without the
program in the memory. You MUST have the COMMAND.COM of the Star
Trek boot up disk to correctly operate the FALSE DOS. You can use any
of the same Command.Com so long as they are the same.

Key 5
+ - Look down one quadrant level with Long Range Scan.

Key 6
- - Look up one quadrant level with Long Range Scan.

It could be that there are other commands, but that's half the
fun of playing. Keek looking, maybe you'll find something.
Be careful of the END.

Carl Schelin
Programer Dungeon Master War Gamer
931 Engleman Ln.
Spotsylvania, Va. 22553

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