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The Starhawk V:
An Attempt at a Trans-Atmospheric, Mach 5 Fighter

Requirements: Chuck Yeager's Advanced Flight Simulator

How to install: Copy the file STARHAWK.FLY onto your Chuck
Yeager copy disk (not the key disk) or if it is on a hard
disk, just the directory AFS is on. In the program, go to
TEST FLIGHT and select STARHAWK. That's It!

Are you already tired of the lousy capablities of the SR-71?
Ever wanted to go faster, like, five times the speed of
sound? Well, your dreams have come true! Now you can speed
out of the hangar at incredible speeds and reach the upper
atmosphere in seconds! Dive, turn, roll, and do all kinds of
stunts at peeds that would turn a person without a spacesuit
into jelly! No longer fear of ripping your wings off!

But remember, this plane is for experienced flyers only, or
if you have the RIGHT STUFF.

Takeoff procedure: Since the plane is launched from a special
ramp at a 45 degree angle like a high-speed missile, what you
have to do is activate your powerful scramjet engines by
pressing and quickly (I mean real quickly, get it
ready!) pulling up your landing gear . Once you are in the
air, (and believe me, you get to 6000 feet in about 8
seconds) level off, and maintain an altitude of about 50,000-
85,000. feet. In that zone you can pretty much fly as fast as
you want, because in the lover altitudes your plane goes out
of control. Also remember at those speeds, if you increase
altitude you go up like a rocket! Be careful not to go into
space. The optimal flying height is approximately 80-85,000
feet without stalling.

Of course, the Starhawk is great at lower altitudes, too!
Just remember to keep the speed Mach 3 and under. Try fast
turns and stunts you woudn't dare try with a SR-71.

Happy flying,

Flopus Discus

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Archive   : STARHAWK.ZIP
Filename : S-HAWK.DOC

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