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Starfire 1.2 is an all-action arcade-quality "shoot-em-up."

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Starfire 1.2 is an all-action arcade-quality
"shoot-em-up." An evil alien race has sent a
number of huge invasion ships toward earth,
carrying weapons capable of destroying entire
planets. Features 256-color VGA graphics,
sound card, mouse, and joystick support, and
hours of entertainment. Requires VGA and 286,
386, or 486. Shareware (AUD$20) from Silver
Lightning Software.

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Starfire 1.2 is an all-action arcade-quality “shoot-em-up.”
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Contents of the STARFIRE.DOC file

STARFIRE.DOC - Instructions for playing Starfire.

This version of STARFIRE is distributed as Shareware. You may use
this program, to evaluate it, for as long as you like. However if
you enjoy playing this game, it would be in your own best interests
to register. Registration details can be found at the end of this

Registered users will receive an up to date copy of the game (which also
contains a few more levels), along with documentation, explaining more
about playing the game.

Furthermore, those who register are fine, upstanding citizens, who
are supporting the Shareware concept ... good software at a
reasonable price... and Silver Lightning Software. Ultimately, registering
means that better games can be produced in the future...without having to
increase the price. Shareware is a good alternative to the high prices of
commercial vendors, but your support is required.

Essential Files: STARFIRE.EXE

If any of these files are missing, you will not be able to play the
game. So get another copy. Also, there are...

Others : STARFIRE.DOC ( don't worry, you've got that one)


286,386 or 486 PC ( 12 MHz+ recommended )
VGA Card and Monitor

Also supported ( but not required )
Joystick ( recommended )
Adlib/SoundBlaster Card


SoundBlaster Users

If you are using a SoundBlaster card, you will be able to hear digitized
speech when you collect a token. A driver called CT-VOICE.DRV is used
to play back the samples. This driver is provided with your SoundBlaster
when you buy it. CT-VOICE.DRV should be located in a sub-directory from your
SoundBlaster software, called /DRV. If you do not have this driver installed,
you will need to copy it into the directory in which Starfire is located.

Unfortunately, only genuine SoundBlaster cards seem to work with speech.
If you have a SoundBlaster compatible sound card, such as a Media Vision
ThunderCard, you may have to use Adlib sound mode.

If you have an earlier version Soundblaster (version 1), you may not get
speech if your card is not set to default values (base port, interupt,
DMA channel). If your card setting are not the default, you will need
to add the BLASTER environment variable to your AUTOEXEC.BAT file. Check
your manual, or contact your dealer for details on how to do this.

Video Cards

Starfire requires a 100% compatible STANDARD VGA card and monitor. Most
SUPER VGA cards work fine, but in a small number of cases, problems have
occurred. This is because in SuperVGA mode, standard VGA compatiblity is
sometimes partially lost. Most programs work fine, but Starfire does
some reasonably tricky things with the hardware to produce the smooth
scrolling. If you encounter problems, as unlikely as that is, check your
VGA card manual to see if a driver program exists to switch modes, or
maybe you have to change a switch on the card itself.

As in just about every arcade style game that's ever been written,
the Earth is under threat. An evil, cowardly race of beings, called
the Sloboids, are sending huge 'mother destructor craft' towards
Earth. Carrying weapons capable of destroying entire planets, all
of mankind is under threat.

General Instructions
Type STARFIRE to play the game. You get 4 lives, and one or two
players can play, but they take it in turns.

You can use a joystick, mouse (the mouse driver should be
previously installed), or keyboard. Joystick is strongly
recommended, but feel free to try all. When the program loads, it
will auto-detect which of these devices are present. If a device is
'NOT FOUND' check your connections before trying again.

At the title screen, press F1 to change player one's control
Press F3 to change between 1 and 2 player game, and F2 changes
player two's input device (if there is a player two). Simple. In
the bottom corners of the screen you will see which devices each
player will use. Also, if you press F10, you can exit to DOS.

If you use the keyboard, use the keys on the numeric keypad to move
in the required direction. The ship you control moves at two
speeds, so press the same key twice to go at high speed. The '5'
key in the middle stops you. fires. drops

If you are using a joystick, button 1 fires the main weapon, and
button 2 drops bombs. Push the joystick in the direction you wish
to go, and centre it to stop moving.

If you are using a mouse, the left button will fire your main guns,
and the right button drops bombs. Push the mouse in the direction
you wish to travel, and move to the original position to stop.

Press to pause the game, and any key to start again

Press 'S' to toggle sound on and off. If you have a SoundBlaster, and
speech is enabled, you can press 'T' to stop speech.

Also, if you need to re-calibrate the joystick during play, (this
is only necessary if your processor speed changes, or if you stuff
it up the first time) press 'J', and follow the instructions on

During player, pressing F10 ends the game.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it..

The objective of the game is to destroyed the alien motherships
which are currently headed toward earth. Along the way you will
encounter .. heat-seeking missile launchers, gun turrets, & enemy
fighters. Some fighters fire back , so beware !!

Also you should avoid the various structures & pipes that protrude
up from the deck. Colliding with one is instantly fatal. Dead guns
are also a hazard.

Use your main weapon to shoot enemy craft, gun turrets, heat-
seeking missiles, etc. Your bombs can be dropped on missile
launchers & guns.

In the bottom left corner of the screen is your score. In the
bottom right, from left to right, is the number of bombs you are
carrying, a measure of your shields & the number of lives you have
remaining. Shields are damaged by missile & bullets, and, obviously,
if they reach zero, your craft will explode.

Also along the way you can collect various tokens, if you shoot
enough bad guys, and/or survive long enough. A flashing 'W' gives
you a better weapon, an 'S' replenishes shields to full, an 'I'
makes you temporarily invincible, the space ship is a bonus life,
and the bomb token gives you bombs.

This version contains six levels.


To register, simply send AUD$20.00 (Australia Dollars) to :

P.O. Box 445
Willetton W.A. 6155

If you live outside of Australia, please add AUD$5.00 to cover
postage and handling. You may also have to wait around 4
weeks for delivery, depending on where you live, but please don't
let that put you off. Please ensure that cheques are drawn on an
Australian or International bank. Thanks.

U.S. Residents :
If you cannot get a check made out in Australian dollars, you may (as a
desperate last resort) send cash. Send US$20.00 (cash only - no US checks
or money orders) to the above postal address. Please ensure that the
envelope is secure. A registered version of the game cannot be sent back
if the money doesn't see the trip through.. if you get my meaning.

This (unregistered) version may be distributed freely. If you have
friends, give them a copy. If you have access to a BBS or two, feel free
to upload it. But I would ask that you don't change this program
in ANY way, because that's naughty.

There should be a file called ORDER.FRM with this package. You can
use any word processor, or text editor, to load it. Then print it,
and place your order.

If you do not have this file, just send your name, address, and
what size disk you want.



The author of this software will not be responsible for any
loss, damage, and/or injury caused by using this software.
The user of this program bears all risk as to the quality and
performance of the software.

Starfire is Copyright (c) 1992 by Paul Turbett. All rights reserved.
Silver Lightning Software.


I am always interested in new vendors for my software. If you would
like to add Starfire to your catalog, please contact Silver Lightning
Software at the postal address above, and let me know which version you have,
so that I can send you an updated version if necessary. Also a copy of
your catalog would be appreciated. By contacting SLS, future games can be
mailed to you direct, as soon as they are finished.

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